Genero 2.02 Maintenance Release

Irving, Texas – May 9th, 2007 — Four Js Development tools announced today the general availability of maintenance releases for its Genero and Genero Studio products comprising new features and bug fixes.These maintenance releases are available for download from Monday May 14th, 2007.

The new releases made available today are:

  • Genero 2.02.04
  • Genero Desktop Client 2.02.01
  • Genero Web Services 2.02.01
  • Genero Studio Personal Edition 1.21.1x

Features implemented in these releases are as follows:

Genero 2.02.04

  • The following statements have been added to the static SQL syntax:
  • It is now possible to customize runtime system error messages according to the current ‘locale’.
  • TABINDEX can be set to zero to exclude the form item from tagging list.
  • Support for GLOBALS in ‘C’ extensions with the fglcomp -G option.
  • A new fglprofile entry has been added for the Oracle driver that specifies the command used to produce a unique session identifier: dbi.database..ora.sid.command = "select ..."
  • The RUN command now uses the 'ComSpec' environment variable on Windows.
  • Debugger enhancements:
    • New debugger commands such as ‘ptype’ have been added.
    • It is now possible to ignore CTRL-Break on Windows or SIGTRAP on UNIX to enter debug mode for a running application, by setting the FGLPROFILE entry tofglrun.ignoreDebuggerEvent = true.
  • The ESQL/C FESQLC precompiler has been added.
  • The following database drivers have been added:
    • DB2 UDB 9.x (db29x)
    • PostgreSQL 8.2 (pgs82x)
  • Extended layout tag syntax has been improved. It is now possible to specify an end tag in form files: …. “”
  • The FGLCOMP compiler now supports negation warning options -Wno-*. Example: fglcomp -Wall -Wno-stdsql

Genero Desktop Client 2.02.01

  • CanvasItems supports style “border” (none / yes)
  • Kerberos authentication support for terminal connections
  • Kerberos authentication support for http connections
  • Wincom supports := notation and constant definition file
  • ActiveX object supports “startShortcut()” function, to start an already registered shortcut.
  • ConnectorURI and PictureURI are now managed by the http protocol (with a corresponding Genero Application Server)

Genero Web Services 2.02.01

  • Added connection via proxy to fglwsdl tool

For a full listing of bugs corrected in these releases please download the release notes in the sidebar.