Genero 2.00 goes GA

Develop SOA applications rapidly with Genero 2.00

Irving Texas – 9th January 2007 — Four Js Development Tools announces the General Availability of Genero 2.00. With over 15 man years of investment, Genero 2.00 represents one of its most significant releases ever and reinforces its position as a provider of ‘Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) ready’ infrastructure and development tools. Already deployed by several Fortune 500 accounts, Genero 2.00 enables the development of a new breed of tightly integrated virtually distributed applications.

Some of the new features in this major release are listed below:

Enhanced Service Oriented Architecture features

Much effort has been spent on beefing up the Web Services API. The Web Service 2.00 contained within this release now fully supports the new and emerging WS-I interoperability standard proposed by the Web Services Interoperability consortium

  •  As a result, all 3 web service styles (RPC/Encoded, RPC/Literal, DOC/Literal) are supported and seamless dialogs with any W3C, WS-I or .Net service are now possible.
  • Improved integration with the Dynamic Virtual Machine provides multiple web service instances within the same DVM reducing their memory footprint.
  • Serialization between Genero and external XML data structures enables the exchange, ‘uploading’, ‘downloading’ or saving of Genero and external XML data.
  • Support for client side HTTPS enables Genero applications to interoperate with secured HTTPS web sites, services and applications.
  • Access to services via Proxy and secured services is now possible. Applications can now talk through networks configured with Proxy servers.
  •  The generation of Server and Client Genero application code from a WSDL for all service types is now possible with an enhanced tool set.

Language enhancements improve coding efficiency and performance

  • User-defined types have been added to make for cleaner, tighter, easier-to-read code that compiles and executes faster.
  • Greatly enhanced file manipulation functions eliminate the need to execute expensive, non-portable operating system calls.
  • New math functions eliminate the need to use SQL, greatly reducing roundtrips and hence improving performance.
  • New extended stored procedure calls enable parameter passing between non-Informix databases and Genero applications.

Numerous Graphical User Interface improvements

  • Several new widgets TIMER, SPINEDIT and TIMEDIT have been added.
  •  Extended SCHEMA files centralize and formalize field definitions.
  •  New presentation styles enrich the overall presentation of displayed information.  Pseudo selectors now enable displays focus, active, inactive , display, input, odd, even. Other presentation styles include optional ring menu types and progress bars.
  •  Client Certificates can be used for https connections.
  • Putty private keys can be used for ssh connections.
  • WinDDE now displays more explicit error messages from MSDN.
  • Option Panel has been added to configure GDC options for report printer.
  • ShellExec now accepts an ‘action’ parameter.
  • A toolbar position is now storeable in ‘stored settings’.

Improved interconnectivity

Genero applications can now seamlessly exchange information with dejure and defacto standards such as COM for MS-Windows applications, MAPI and SMTP for sending and receiving email, and full XML/ XSLT output for PDA type application development.

An optimised database interface

An optimised database interface improves throughput, lowers the overall memory footprint and enables parameter passing between Genero applications and non-Informix database stored procedures.

An improved runtime architecture

The addition of a new runtime system architecture via shared libraries eliminates the need to build runtime systems. Now database drivers and ‘C’ extensions load automatically at execution, greatly facilitating the build, test and deployment process.

Improved License Manager

  •   Provides better performance with Microsoft Windows environment.


Genero 2.00 includes the following packages:

  • GENERO WEB CLIENT 2.00.1a/1b

For more information on new features and dependencies in this release please  read the release notes or download the presentation to view code and screen samples.

All Four Js customers under maintenance have free access to the new release.

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