Genero db 3.60 product shipping

Irving Texas – 4th January 2007 — Four Js Development Tools announces Genero db 3.6 for general availability and under evaluation by several Fortune 500 accounts.

Genero db 3.60 delivers important new features including enhancements in performance, compatibility and manageability. This major release also supports new platforms and other miscellaneous features:

Performance Enhancements

Flood Insert is a new optimizer feature that enables high-speed inserts of large volumes of data. This high-speed data loader dramatically reduces the time required to load large databases or input large amounts of data from applications. With the ability to load hundreds of thousands of records per second*, Genero db improves its support for high-volume, real-time transactional applications found in financial services, telecommunications, federal government and other high velocity markets.

  • Preliminary testing yields 380,000 database inserts per second to date.

Light Scan is a fast sequential scan for large data tables.

New Statistics-based Optimizer features are implemented.

Increased Oracle Compatibility

  •   Oracle Packages enables developers to group procedures and functions into common groups typically based upon their functionality,
  • Support for a selected number of functions within the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) Library,
  • Oracle Dynamic SQL support,
  • Extensive Oracle support including new Oracle BOOLEAN type, SEQUENCES, Oracle-style block structure, Oracle Nested exception handling and Oracle-style FOR LOOP and WHILE.

Increased Microsoft SQL-Server Compatibility

  • Support for CONVERT and PATINDEX functions.

Improved Manageability

  •  Enterprise Manager is a new GUI-based, easy administration tool for Genero db.
  • Information Schema greatly enhances system management. The Information Schema records comprehensive statistics about internal operations and performance characteristics, offering improved options for performance tuning, optimizing configurations and more.
  • Oracle Style V$ Views make the Information Schema more accessible to Oracle DBAs through new support for Oracle system management tables, or V$ views. With Genero db 3.60, Oracle users can get the information they need by using the same kind of tables and table names they would with Oracle. Currently Oracle V$ Views is an add-on option and customers can email support to get this functionality.
  • Log Miner (ALM) is a new set of APIs that perform a variety of replication functions for near real-time synchronization among databases. ALM provides selective replication to synchronize specific database objects between databases. ALM can replicate heterogeneously between Genero db and 3rd party relational databases as well as homogeneously between Genero db databases.
  • The ODBC Driver now supports execution of multiple statements within a single connection. It also supports SQL tracing and logging.
  • Incremental Backup and Restore provide increased system availability and improved online transaction performance. The Restore process is automated into a single-step operation.

New Platforms Supported

  •  Real-time Linux
  • Windows Server 2000 x64
  • Service for Unix (SFU) (for the ANTs ODBC Driver)

Miscellaneous Features

Genero db and its clients are internationalized to manage non-ASCII data and flexible formatting of date, time and numeric data in various locales.

Additional functions are supported for these formatted conversions:

  • Generalized matching is supported for foreign key constraints: MATCH SIMPLE, MATCH FULL.
  • Cascading constraints are supported.
  • Quantified comparisons can be used to compare query results against a value: ANY, ALL, SOME.· SET LOCK MODE TO NOWAIT can be used to improve performance and to avoid deadlocks.
  • TRUNCATE TABLE is supported to quickly empty a table.
  • TOP n (or FIRST n) can be used to return only the first n rows of a query.
  • Derived tables and correlated subqueries are supported.
  • Wider range of OUTER JOIN syntax support.