Genero Studio 1.01.1d Goes GA

Genero Studio Personal Edition now available

Irving, Texas – 1st July 2006 — Four Js announces the general availability of Genero Studio Personal Edition version 1.01.1d.

Genero Studio Personal Edition is a graphical Unified Development Environment designed to rapidly develop sophisticated business applications in mission critical environments. By improving developer productivity, enterprises will shorten their return on investments and adapt their businesses to rapidly changing market conditions.

Genero Studio Personal Edition (GSPE) comprises:

  • Project Manager
    A centralized project console, based on a natural and intuitive tree view of projects and their dependencies. It is used to edit and manage project components, to build and run applications. With the project manager, managing makefiles and environment variables is no longer necessary. Existing projects and their makefiles can also be used in Genero Studio and integrated with new projects, which are under Project Manager control.
  • Graphical Editor
    A graphical editor with structured code editing, real time Genero syntax checking, code completion, code template management and more.
  • Form Designer
    A drag and drop visual editor, which supports visual creation, editing and layout of Genero user interfaces. Form Designer is integrated with a database browser to simplify the creation and modification of interfaces that are database aware.
  • Graphical Debugger
    An interactive visual debugger, integrated with the code editor that supports full control of Genero code execution; viewing and setting all program variables.
  • Remote Compilation and Debugging
    An integrated infrastructure to compile, run and debug programs on a remote Genero server.
  • Graphical File Differentiator
    A visual code viewer that compares two Genero source code files, allowing easy and intuitive understanding of the differences between them.
  • Online Help
    An integrated online help system that provides an overview of how to use Genero Studio and detailed support for all product features.


  • Genero 1.33.1g
  • Genero Desktop Client 1.33.1d

Genero Studio is provided free of charge to all existing users of Genero.