CIO Insight 2006: Four Js industry strategy conference delivers SOA vision to Mexican government IT executive management

Huatulco, Mexico – June 16-17, 2006 — Bathed in the natural beauty of one of Mexico’s most popular resorts, Four Js ‘CIO Insight’ conference gathered fifty of the nation’s leading IT industry thought leaders and senior civil servants to discuss and shape their future technology strategies.

“Once again Four Js has orgainzed a great conference,” said Luis Hector Garcia, Mexican State House of Representatives. “The seminars were first class and illustrated with great case studies.”

Four Js wasted no time in extolling the virtues of Genero db, its latest product introduction in a session dedicated to comparing benefits with its closest rivals in terms of performance and total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Our guests were surprised by Genero db performance during the benchmark, which demonstrated its advantages against technological leaders such as Oracle, Informix and MS-SQL Server;” said David Salazar, VP Latin America.

img_0025Conference delegates proudly sporting their limited edition Mexican national football shirts complete with Four Js logo

The most sought after seats were those for the Genero session (image), which  described how government agencies could develop innovative applications and migrate towards a service oriented architecture (SOA).