Sprint selects Genero for Work Force Management system

26 million subscriber, global communications provider entrusts Genero to manage network availability operations staff.

Irving, Texas – July 15th 2005 — Sprint was looking to migrate a large service delivery and assurance system from an ASCII terminal based platform to take advantage of emerging technologies. After an extensive RFP, Sprint narrowed its choice to two options and asked each company to provide a sample of an application that had been converted using the vendors’ respective solutions. Four Js was able to deliver a fully functional application after just two weeks using existing code when the competition struggled to provide an application prototype.

Four Js Genero enabled Sprint to modernize its Workforce Management system without re-writing it – a system already proven in a production environment. Over 2000 operators managing thousands of field technicians tasked with keeping the newtwork up are enjoying a brand new user-experience.

Web Services – key to the success of this migration was the integration of a suite of existing Java applications through web services – the “glue” that allowed Genero and Java to communicate with each other in a real time mission critical environment. Using this and Genero’s new data types, objects and XML to exchange information, Sprint was able to integrate with Object Oriented technologies very quickly. Furthermore, the new web interface opens Sprint’s applications up to brand new opportunities