OCS Selects Genero for New Laundry Management System

Scalability and flexibility are vital for IT infrastructure supporting 400 million Property Support Services.

One hundred year old OCS, world leader in Property Support Services including security, transport, hygiene, laundry and environmental services has selected Genero for the development of a new Laundry Management and barcode tracking system. Key to their decision was the ability to improve the user experience by providing a graphical rendition of bar code input over a touch screen terminal.

“Todays application relies heavily on colour coded lights” commented Darron Goddard. “We needed a tool that provided flexibility switching driving lamps to provide user feedback on the quality of the scan”. Jenny Sener, Head of ICT at OCS, commented “I was impressed by the Four Js development system and the ease with which this allowed us to develop mission critical applications for our new corporate standard Windows/SQL server environment. The Four Js tools proved their worth again when it came to seamless interfacing with our Sage Enterprise and SAP environments. We know the Four Js development system gives us scalability and flexibility, enhanced still further by the new Genero release. Scalability and flexibility are vital to the development of the technical infrastructure to support our diversified 400 million property services company “.