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GRW- Table Horizontal Line

With a Table, how can I have a single line separating the header and body?

If you run the OrderReport demo and select the TableDemo report, the report produced has borders around every cell of the Table.

This is controlled by the Rule property of the Table object.  it is set to 1 to indicate a line of width 1 is to be drawn in both the horizontal and vertical directions.

The question that gets asked is to how to have less horizontal lines, and only have a horizontal line appearing to seperate the header and the body, not between every row.

The technique to achieve this has two elements.

The first is for the Table object to unset the Rule property and use the Vertical Rule property so that only vertical lines are drawn.

For this new row set the X-Size property to the width you want the separator line, and the Background Color property to the color you want the separator line.

Now when you run the report, the only horizontal line (apart from the Table border) is a line to seperate the Header from the Body of the Table.