Ask Reuben

Support Council

What is the Support Council?

The Support Council is an event where many Four Js  team members from around the world gather in one place.  Here we …

  • have sessions with the various Four Js product leaders learning about implemented and proposed enhancements to our products.
  • share knowledge amongst team members.
  • review our internal processes and use of internal tools.

As I write this, team members from France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Ireland, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand have gathered at our Research & Development, Technical Support Center in a very sunny Strasbourg, France.  Normally held every two years, this is our first Support Council since the Covid pandemic restricted our ability to travel.

This event is a great opportunity for our various team members form around the world to interact with our R&D and Development and Support team members from head office, rather than communicating via Teams Meeting , JIRA comments, and e-mail.  If your support contact answers at an unusual time this week or brings up an old topic for discussions, chances are this week they are at the Support Council and have learnt something relevant to you.

Whilst no customers are directly involved with a Support Council, look out later in the release cycle for Early Access Programs, and World Wide Developer Conference for customer involvement.