Ask Reuben

Virtual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC21)

How different will this years virtual conference be than past years physical conferences?

Do I have to watch live?

What is difference between plenary and breakout?

Do I have to watch every breakout?

Do I have to register?

How long will recordings be available?

Where can I ask questions?

Where can I see past conferences?

What is Whova?

Once again, global circumstances have dictated that we run our Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) virtually.  I would encourage all Genero developers and key decision makers involving Genero to register and watch some sessions at the conference.

Where can I register?

You can register from the Event Marketing page at

Do I have to register?

Yes.  This helps with the provisioning and also any communication from us to you

Is there a cost?


What talks are available? Who is presenting?

This information and our smiling faces are available at

What or Who is Whova

Whova is the name of the software tool that we are using for the virtual conference.  After registering you will need to create an account on Whova in order to participate,.  Instructions on that will be provided a week out from the conference to those who register.  Read more about them at .

How do I watch a talk?

With Whova, there is a web app and a mobile app.  Details will be provided to those who register.

Are presentations live?

Our speakers have a choice of pre-recording a video and using it, or of presenting live.  If pre-recording, there will be a live Q&A at the end

Can I watch the videos in advance?


Can I download presentation PDFs?


Do I have to watch live?

No.  The times have been chosen so that our European/African customers can watch at the end of their business day, and our North American and South American customers can watch at the beginning of their business day.  This also helps our speakers from those regions.

We are deliberately not taking up your whole day so we feel you should be able to block out an hour or two to watch live, and still be able to do a good chunk of your day to day activities.

What is the difference between plenary and breakout?

During a physical conference, a plenary session is held in the main room and is the only talk on at that time, whilst a breakout is scheduled into smaller rooms and there are multiple breakouts on at that time.  The plenary is targeted at all participants whilst a breakout is targeted at a smaller range of participants.

Do I have to watch every session?

No.  You are free to choose how many breakouts you watch.  I recommend you watch all the plenaries but you can pick and choose the breakouts that apply to you and your organisation

Can anyone in my team watch?

Yes.  We would expect you to get different people to watch different breakouts.  We would appreciate it if they all registered individually.

What is format for training / labs?

Regular attendees of our conferences will know that we put on a days Labs for early arrivals.  This year Scott and his team will again be using the Self-Paced Learning Portal introduced last year.  Scotts presentation on day 1 will introduce the labs that cover Responsiveness, and Business Application Modeller, so if you are interested in those labs, make sure you watch Scotts presentation on day 1.  On day 5, Scott and Lisa work through the labs.

How long will recordings be available?

On the conference site for 3 months, and then we will have the recordings made available to us from our website.

Where can I ask questions?

During the live presentation there will be a chat window.  I will also be setting up a forum board that can be used for subsequent questions you have if you watch a recording.

Where can I see past conferences? is our one-stop easy-to-remember URL for our worldwide developer conferences.

Will next years conference be physical or virtual?

We hope that next year the world has returned to a state where we can have a physical worldwide developer conference.  We value the interaction that occurs between our customers, and also between our customers and our team that occurs at the physical events.

Is there any difference between physical and virtual?

We try to keep the basic agenda similar to physical and virtual so that you can see what you are missing out on by not attending physical events in the past.

What you don’t have is the interaction at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, after dinner.

What we also don’t have is the Group Activities, the Awards night and the infamous Karaoke that follows.

What language will be used?

All presentations will be in English.  Please contact your regional support office for help with a translation.  As we have recordings, they should be able to help provide a transcript.