Volaris Enters Software Development Vertical with Acquisition of Four Js

Toronto, ON – September  13, 2021Volaris Group today announced the acquisition of Four Js Development Tools (Four Js®), a global provider of mission-critical low-code / no-code software development modernization tools for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises.

Four Js Low- Code Development Platform, Genero®, is designed to rapidly develop scalable, mission-critical business applications that run across servers, desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud. Genero delivers an abstract approach to development, rendering applications independent of user interface, operating system, and database technology. Applications can be deployed in any operating environment without the need to rewrite. Genero has also enabled the modernization of tens of millions of lines of IBM® Informix® 4GL code, helping developers adapt legacy applications to modern paradigms quickly and cost effectively.

“Four Js helps businesses evolve their software, extending the life of applications. This is a strong fit for Volaris and our approach to delivering software for life,” said Jesper Ulsted, Portfolio Manager at Volaris Group. “Our buy-and-hold-forever philosophy fits particularly well with Four Js as they aim to provide perpetual technology solutions for ISVs and large Enterprises”.

Jesper Ulsted continues, “We look forward to further strengthening the core product portfolio of Four Js by investing further in cloud enablement and online tools. We also plan to develop a global Professional Services team of skilled Genero developers who can support Four J’s clients with application developments.”

Four Js will continue to operate independently under the leadership of CEO, Bryn Jenkins. Bryn has been with the company since 2001 and knows the customers, the market and domain intimately.

Commenting on the deal, Jenkins stated “This acquisition provides our customers with the certitude they need to continue investing in the brand. It takes us to the next stage of our development and secures our long-term strategy and future.”

About Four Js

Four Js Development Tools was founded in 1992 to save software developers time, effort and money by rendering applications abstract and independent of technology APIs. Applications can be quickly adapted to emerging and future technology trends without the need to rewrite. Applications that were written 20-30 years ago still run today in browsers, on mobile devices, in service oriented architectures and in the cloud with little to no modifications. In this way, developers improve productivity by focusing on innovating in their domain rather than learning, developing and following short-lived technology APIs.

Genero is used by local governments, education, health and public safety agencies, as well as small, medium and global enterprises in markets such as automotive, banking, energy, finance, insurance, manufacturing, media, packaging and retail.

® Four Js and Genero are registered trademarks of Four Js Development Tools Ltd.

About Volaris Group

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