Genero Enterprise roadmap update

Irving, Texas – September 30, 2020 – Four Js has updated its roadmap describing the upcoming vNext and vNext+ releases.

  • Your business logic, our infrastructure

    This roadmap sets the course to further abstract Business Development Language’s presentation layer so that a single source code produces applications that always present the best possible user experience – irrespective of the device. Not only will your app run cross-platform, but it will adapt to different device screen sizes – automatically. This leaves you the time to focus on improving your business logic, while we take care of the technology infrastructure.

  • vNext 2021 - responsive layouts, language modernization and GRW online

    vNext focuses on implementing responsive layouts through the adaptation of the GRID layout. Boxes, fields and containers will be enabled for responsive layouts so that your form resizes automatically depending on the device on which it is being displayed. With this feature, developers need only create one form for all of their deployment scenarii.

    Language modernization also features heavily in this release including: a code formatter, a reflective API, $ notation for static SQL variables, packages and case sensitivity.

    vNext will introduce the first release of Genero Report Writer online – a designer and dashboard that can be configured for browsers and the Cloud.

  • vNext+ 2022 - Responsive Layout advanced and table extensions

    vNext+ contains the continuation of the responsive layout implementation. This second release will include those advanced features that didn’t make it into the first release.

    Table extensions include the management of collapsible subgroups and many other advanced table manipulation features.