Bohemian town in rhapsody over new admin system developed by Vera Systems

Prague, Czech Republic, March 19, 2020 – Four Js’ public sector partner Vera has just finished another successful deployment of Radnice – a local government administration system for the Bohemian town Chotěboř (pr. Chorteborsch), Czech Republic. Once home to the satirist and writer Ignát Herrmann, Chotěboř is a provincial town dating back to 1265 with over 9,000 inhabitants. It has a staff of 85 people and is responsible for administering over 22,000 people in 31 municipalities. Radnice is developed by Vera with Genero Enterprise and is deployed in 81 of the 205 larger town halls.

The major benefits of our new information system comes from its integration.

Ing. Milan Linhart
Chotěboř town hall

The most useful tools for us are the agenda and records management e-processes, which form the backbone of the entire in- and outbound workflow document processing,” said Linhart.

Chotěboř town hall

Chotěboř needed desperately to innovate its administration processes, which were handled by many fragmented systems.  Data duplication was wide spread meaning human error, wasted time and frustration for both citizens and officers.

Chotěboř has already felt the benefits with streamlined administration processes delivering improved quality of service and rapid turnaround to citizen requests. The system augments existing town hall workflows with e-processes, including approval procedures that now take a matter of minutes rather than days and weeks under the old paper-trail bureaucracy. The intuitive nature of the system enables self-maintenance by the town hall’s IT staff, which provides new found agility to adapt to fluid administrative processes. Vera provides remote support to complement the town hall’s team. Radnice needs to comply with strict legislative requirements to be selected for local government use.

As a provincial town, Chotěboř is responsible for a wide range of public administration duties – from records management through to economic administration being some of the tasks its town hall needs to perform.

VERA implemented the system in just 6 months, with the town hall pretty much using their standard software. Customization was kept to a bare minimum.

About Chotěboř

Chotěboř is a typical provincial town located in the center of the Czech Republic with public offices, institutions, schools, sports and culture facilities, and a developed industrial segment with machine and wood processing companies.

About Vera

VERA, is a FourJs Value Added Distributor based in the Czech Republic focusing mainly on public sector, governmental, regional and municipal organizations. VERA Radnice offers a complete support suite for public administrations, able to flexibly adapt to specific town hall needs. It resolves many of the common problems its rival’s encounter using a multi-vendor approach through its vertical integration. Vera have 82 out of the 205 larger townhalls in the Czech Republic. In addition Vera services 60 midsize cities accounting for 140 active clients with more than 5000 users.