Social Media start-up scales business with Genero Mobile

Paris, France – August 14, 2019Salfatix Media, a specialist in connecting social media influencers with leading brands, has just launched its own home-grown software solution to automate its business for the next step in its development. The solution includes an Apple® iOS® and Google® Android® app for influencers and a complete back-office for brand and influencer management. The back-office was developed with Genero Enterprise and the app with Genero Mobile. Both iOS and Android versions use the same source code.

Our business processes were well honed, but largely manual and not well documented. Genero provides us with a solution that crystalizes them and enables us to manage our growth.

Julia Salfati
Founder and CEO

Salfatix Media is considered a “new media” company by the advertising industry, which has seen little modernization over the last few decades.  The combination of social media with mobile is disrupting and even disintermediating established players. Social media influencers are now an essential part of the marketing mix for top-flight brands, and there are few companies able to manage them professionally. As we speak, there are no established software players in this emerging market.

One of the properties of new markets is that business processes are invented on the fly. Thanks to Genero, Salfatix Media were able to create a flexible and tailor-made application for business processes that are still evolving. Several key business processes were revised significantly during development. Today’s solution enables the automation of the lion’s share of low-level tasks, freeing time for high-value commercial development.

We can better meet the demands of our customers and provide them a much better quality of service, said Julia. This is a key differentiator in our market. No more filling out forms; we bring real added value through real human relations. Advice is based on our years of experience and now on a scale we could never have thought possible.

Sign in

Influencers sign in to the app via their Instagram® account. Profile data is automatically extracted from their account to avoid tedious form filling. To do this, Instagram provides APIs that closely adhere to OAuth RFC8252. Instagram’s parent – Facebook® – are now changing these APIs however to align them with their own. So, how to stay connected in a world where APIs keep changing?

Genero overcomes these potential pitfalls by using Single Sign-On (SSO) and RESTful services. A “COM” package provides the methods to manage the server, “wait” requests, splitting and processing data packets. An “XML” package includes the methods to manage data streams and encryption.


There are several ways to secure data channels between two unknown correspondents in an open network like the Internet. The easiest way is to encrypt the channel using HTTPS. That should be enough, but performance is likely to be slow. So the decision was made to combine HTTPS with Diffie-Hellman encryption algorithms.

The application has been downloaded by over 500 influencers via Apple iTunes® and Google Play®.