Genero Enterprise – Four Js Maintenance Release Activity for May 2018

During the last month, the following FourJs Genero maintenance releases were made available.

Current Release: Genero Enterprise 3.10

In 3.10.11 in March we introduced a new behaviour to display a dialog for Fatal runtime error messages  If you were using a GDC Short-cut with the default connection strings to display a message when User License Counts were exceeded, this would result in two dialogs appearing.  This version of the GDC removes the “User limit exceeded” connection string from the default connection strings.  For existing GDC shortcuts you will need to remove this entry  so that only one and not two dialogs appears.

Genero 2.50

These versions are now downloadable from the web site

For releases prior to Genero 2.50, refer to the ARCHIVED RELEASES link on the download page

Note: All FourJs Genero customers under maintenance have free access to these new releases

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