Genero Enterprise – Four Js Maintenance Release Activity for June 2018

During the last month, the following FourJs Genero
maintenance releases were made available.

Current Release: Genero Enterprise 3.10

  • Genero Studio Client/Server (GST) 3.10.09, released on June 26th 2018.Genero Studio Client/Server (GST) 3.10.09 is the bundle which includes :
    • Genero Studio Client and Server (GST) 3.10.09
    • Genero BDL with Web Service (BDL – JGAS – GBC – GGC) 3.10.15
    • Genero Application Server (GAS) 3.10.11
    • Genero Desktop Client (GDC) 3.10.15
    • Genero Mobile for iOS (GMI) 1.30.13
    • Genero Mobile for Android (GMA) 1.30.13
    • Genero Report Engine (GRE) 3.10.08

    Genero Studio Server (GSTSRV) includes :

    • Genero Studio Server (GSTSRV) 3.10.09
    • Genero Business Development Language with Web Service – JGAS – GBC – GGC (FGLGWS) 3.10.15
    • Genero Application Server (GAS) 3.10.11
    • Genero Report Engine (GRE) 3.10.08


Genero 2.50

These versions are now downloadable from the web site

For releases prior to Genero 2.50, refer to the ARCHIVED RELEASES link on the download page

Note: All FourJs Genero customers under maintenance have free access to these new releases

Best regards,
Four J’s Development Tools