Italian healthcare leader deploys Web-based ERP system

Reggio Emilia, Italy – July 11, 2017GPI Group, IT services leader in the Italian healthcare and social services sector, has responded to shifting market needs by launching a web-based version of its Health Enterprise Resource Planning system EUSIS. EUSIS has a 30% penetration of the Italian healthcare market by value and was developed in Genero version 2.50. It will move to version 3.10 later this year implementing Web services.

“Genero’s simple development and cross-platform paradigm allows us to quickly adapt business processes driven by ever-evolving European directives. We can enter new markets relatively easily by leveraging our existing software assets and domain expertise.”

Lorenzo Montermini
Director Strategic Marketing
GPI Group

EUSIS is a state-of-the-art, flexible and parametric platform that integrates administrative and accounting workflows, logistics and asset management. It implements management control through Business Intelligence and data warehousing.

It forms the administrative backbone of GPI’s E-HEALTH suite – designed to meet the needs of public bodies, public and private healthcare providers as well as social partners.

Organic vision

GPI’s solutions are based on an organic vision of the health and social care sector, in line with the European Union’s directives. Its solutions give doctors reliable and timely information about their patients and administration costs, while improving communications between stakeholders in the broader healthcare system.

Almost 1300 customers use GPI’s solutions in the following sectors:

  • Local Healthcare
  • Hospitals and Private Homes
  • Institutes and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Health Care Residences
  • Personal Services Companies
  • Homecare
  • Social Cooperatives
  • Nonprofit Foundations and Organizations


Founded in 1988 in Trentino by Fausto Manzana – still active as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer – GPI has grown steadily over time, both in terms of size and expertise, providing solutions and services that affect the quality of people’s lives.

Thanks to the knowledge gained by the satellite companies that form part of its universe, GPI has been able to translate the driving force behind innovation emerging from the healthcare industry into cutting-edge technological solutions and service models.

Its offerings combine IT expertise as well as consulting and design skills, making it possible to work in different business areas: IT systems, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for healthcare, pharmacy logistics and automation, ICT professional services and payment solutions.

Since December 2016, GPI has been listed on the AIM Italia stock market. In 2016 the Group grew  to 136.2 million Euros in revenues and an EBITDA of 20.1 million Euros. It employs over 3,000 people.