GENERO 3.10 Early Access Program (EAP) NOW OPEN

Irving, Texas – March 27th, 2017 – Four Js is pleased to announce the Early Access Program (EAP) for Genero 3.10. This release has new features and improvements in all product areas. While this announcement highlights the major new features in each product area, it is recommended you review the New Features listing at the start of each User Guide to see the full list of new features for each product.

See “How to subscribe” for details on subscribing to this EAP.


The ability to apply focus to cells rather than rows when in DISPLAY ARRAY via a new attribute FOCUSONFIELD

The ability to place hint messages inside empty fields via a new attribute PLACEHOLDER

  • Trace – a new debug tool that allows you to see every function call made including parameters passed to and from, that a program executes
  • Coverage – a new development tool that allows you to track line coverage of your QA tests and identify what code is not covered by your QA tests
  • Dynamic Dialogs – concept extended to INPUT ARRAY and (Multi) DIALOG
  • New classes including util.Hash, util.Integer, and new methods including array.copyTo,
  • New DIALOG methods and triggers including configuring actions at runtime and adding ON CHANGE to CONSTRUCT
  • WebComponent API improvements, and we now supply some WebComponents in the BDL package
  • New Presentation Styles
  • New Front Calls
  • New Databases features
  • Tool improvements


  • Automatic Update – a method to automatically upgrade the Genero Desktop Client via a front-call.
  • Web Component Update – a new library used to render WebComponents, which as well as rendering improvements, has debugging improvements


  • Genero Browser Client (GBC) is the new name for what was Genero Web Client – Javascript (GWC-JS).  It is now included in the Genero BDL package
  • Support is now extended to Firefox and Mobile Browsers


  • SCROLLGRID now implemented on Mobile devices for more complex DISPLAY ARRAY
  • Cordova API – new front-calls to simplify interface to Cordova Plugins


  • Genero Application Server for Java (JGAS), a new product that is bundled in BDL that replaces java-j2eedispatch. This new product has better integration with the J2EE architecture
  • Docker – The ability to run in docker
  • In addition to above, a number of other components previously shipped with Genero Application Server are now included in the Genero BDL package


  • RESTful improvements including new RESTful demo
  • SOAP with Attachments
  • Support of Message Transmission Optimisation Mechanism (MTOM)
  • New class for XSLT transformation
  • Security Improvements


  • Dual View – view two files side by side
  • Code Editor Improvements – including Copy Line, synchronise with Code Structure View, Ctrl+Click to find definition, support for more languages
  • User Action improvements including execute User Actions on the remote server, and execute on Project Nodes
  • Diff – can toggle whitespace and case sensitivity
  • Improvements to command line interface, gsform, gsmake, gsreport
  • Improvements to Project Manager including filtering, preview forms, and specify dependencies
  • Improvements to Database including categorisation and ability to copy tables and columns to code editor
  • Improvements to Debugger including always visible, defined per project, and better ability to see array variables
  • One click deploy of mobile packages
  • GUI Testing tool based on Genero Ghost Client
  • Code coverage tool integration
  • Many other improvements

Dual View – view two files side by side


  • Data transformations – transform data before GRW processes it
  • Driverless server side silent printing options via PJL
  • Printing PDF via IMAGEBOX
  • New API’s for rendering hints
  • Many other improvements including improved semantic for rest, and ExpandToParent, Spider Chart, SAP Connector, Pentaho plug-in


  • Now bundled in with the BDL package
  • New class to generate tests from GUI log

How to subscribe

If you want to subscribe to the Early Access Program  you must have a Four Js web site account (“My Account”) that enables access to privileged technical information.

Four Js will send you an acknowledgment of your subscription within 24 hours (Monday -> Friday).

Upon approval, you will get access to the download section and the associated mailing list.

We appreciate your interest in pre-release access to our products, and value your feedback. Thank you for your participation in this important phase of our product development.

Best Regards,
The Four Js Development Team