Bundes Polizei procurement & logistics governed with Genero

Munich, Germany – September 5, 2016 – SME and government ERP specialist Orga-Soft Backnang GmbH have announced the successful release of their modernized police procurement system – ISI-POL 5.0 – making use of the latest Web and mobile features available in Genero 3.00. Deployment of the new system started 6 months ago and will be progressively rolled out to their 100 strong customer base in the coming months.

Our developers and customers are inspired by what they can do with Genero. Four Js’ continued support of my team makes us extremely fast and efficient.

Harry Baumstark
Founder and CEO
Orga-Soft GmbH


Orga-Soft’s deep experience with public safety and other government agencies meant they were ideally positioned to refresh the Bundes Polizei‘s procurement and logistics solutions.

ISI-POL first saw the light of day over 15 years ago and now generates over 100 million euros in revenue. It is used by over 100,000 civil servants in 5,000 departments including Germany’s national and federal police procurement administration.

That agency is responsible for purchasing everything from helicopters to paper clips, the value and volume of which is governed by different procurement procedures. Each process is meticulously regulated and controlled, imposing a special organization on the supply chain and logistic centers.

ISI-POL optimizes supply chain and storage processes as well as promoting the paperless office – all accessible from a Web browser – with a single defining principle: “order today, deliver tomorrow”. To fulfill such a demand, the system must not only be fault tolerant, but also able to recover from disaster. The system’s flexibility ranges from the purchase of local goods to pan-European public tender processes.

ISI-POL is deployed at the Niedersachsen logistics center (www.lzn.de) and supports a growing number of customers. Most federal states use the system, with some also using it for gun registration. Other government and NGO bodies using the system include: the municipal police, the airport police, the fire brigade, public transport, the forestry commission and other red-cross agencies.