ZETA FARMACEUTICI Spa streamlines production processes

Sandrigo, Italy – September 9, 2015 – Zeta Farmaceutici SpA, a leading Italian manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, has just announced the modernization of its IT systems with apps developed with Genero.

Thanks to Genero, we integrated several key business processes that now enable us to analyse transversal corporate data in real-time. We are making better decisions giving us a competitive advantage in a very complex market.

Riccardo Vitella

IT Manager, Zeta Farmaceutici SpA

Data consolidation

The company needed to transform huge data silos into information that could be used for production process optimization. In addition, Zeta needed to collect and consolidate information from different departments such as sales, purchasing, R&D and finance to perform vast search, analysis and advanced querying. The reports resulting from this consolidation are invaluable for future planning.

Report consolidation

Zeta upgraded its application infrastructure by installing Open Square Practor version 7.30.001 (an ERP from Four Js business partner SMC) based on Genero 2.50. That version, together with other Open Square components such as ECM, manages both structured and unstructured data. Structured data emanate directly from the ERP, typically in PDF format. Unstructured data are sourced externally from Open Square Practor via email, images, suppliers’ files etc. Data in both cases converge on the ERP in modules such as purchase orders, sales orders and master data tables.

Java Native Interface

Thanks to Genero’s ability to seamlessly interface with Java, Open Square Practor supports both structured and unstructured document uploading to the Open Square portal. The latter completes the operations and matches specific attributes by means of dynamic structures that may be customised by the user. PDF documents produced by the ERP are uploaded in real-time and can be recalled directly in their most recent version without the need to reprint.

Web services

Web services enable ECM users to carry out advanced content queries by means of lookup fields linked directly to the ERP data making searches more efficient and of greater pertinence.


Zeta Farmaceutici conceives, develops and produces pharmaceutical and beauty products, food supplements, medical equipment and PMC. Its goods are made available within Italy through their own brand and international channels. The company achieves growth through an ambitious investment policy of continual innovation through passionate professionals imparting their unique know-how with theur customers and business partners alike.

Zeta Farmaceutici’s corporate structure is based on two different types of operating units: industrial and commercial. Beside R&D, the Industrial Unit includes production, logistics and warehousing.

The Commercial Unit includes customer care, sales and post-sales services along with marketing and communication.


SMC is a well-established company in the ICT sector and is well-known for its services in System Integration, projects and consulting. It was established in 1981 and over the years it has tested, utilised and refined a number of solutions aimed at Italian Small-Medium industries and commerce. SMC is specialized in developing and trading Enterprise 2.0 solutions and has acquired a significant know-how and experience on Liferay Portal for which it is the only certified Platinum Partner in Italy. Its experience is drawn also from the implementation of numerous projects for large organizations within the public administration and health. With regard to Liferay technology, SMC developed the new Open Square Composite Application, based on Open Source technological standards making it possible to manage structured and unstructured information in an integrated way.