Genero Enterprise version 3.00 is here!

Irving, Texas – December 17, 2015Four Js Development Tools announced the release of Genero version 3.00 today and with it reorganized the brand around 3 lead products: Genero Enterprise, Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer.

Genero Enterprise v 3.00

Available now

For the rapid development of server-centric, cross-platform, transaction-oriented business applications that run on Desktops, Webtops and mobile devices on-site or in the Cloud.

Genero Enterprise includes Genero Business Development Language V3.00, Genero Studio V3.00, Genero Mobile V1.20 and Genero Report Writer V3.00 for use with the Genero Business Development Language.

New features in this release:

Genero Studio

  • improved data management ergonomics and meta schema manager able to highlight schema changes with a simple mouseover,
  • global meta schema reviews facilitated with automatic documentation that details database objects such as tables, columns, constraints, primary and foreign keys and custom attributes,
  • improved debugging of Web service clients and servers,
  • improved app debugging by attaching to a running process without entering debug mode,
  • improved Web services creation via the Business Application Modeller.

Genero Web Client

  • Genero Web Client for JavaScript – boosts scalability by an order of magnitude by offloading server processing to the brower. The implementation of JavaScript in the rendering engine provides infinte customization possibilities in the user interface.

Before with Genero 2.x

After with Genero 3.x

Genero Web Client for JavaScript is a complementary client to the Genero Web Client; some features such as resizable scrollgrids and other features not yet being implemented until later in the year.

Dynamic User Interfaces

New methods are available to advanced developers for creating generic user interfaces with a variable number of fields and actions that will reduce and simplify code.

Genero Ghost Client

This ‘headless client’ is best used for testing and benchmarking.

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Genero Mobile V1.20

Available now in Genero Enterprise V3.00
Available January 29, 2015 standalone

For the rapid development of native, cross-platform mobile applications that run off-line or on-line with enterprise servers via XML, RESTful and JSON Web services.

Push notifications

New front calls enable the interaction between Genero Mobile apps and messaging servers such as Google Cloud Messaging. Apps can register, unregister and get notifcation data from message servers and perform actions based on their content.


For the development of mobile connection-oriented, server-centric apps.

Debug on device

Debug on the device rather than on the development machine to identify handset specific issues.

Genero Mobile is now available as a standalone product and includes its own purpose-built version of Genero Studio.

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Genero Report Writer

Available now in Genero Enterprise V3.00 for BDL
Available June 30, 2015 standalone for Java, C#, PHP

For the rapid design and production of complex, high-volume, multi-sourced business content that streams output in a matter of seconds to printers, browsers, desktops and mobile devices.

Genero Report Writer for Java, C# and PHP is a standalone product that embeds reports directly into applications for seamless user interfaces and controlled workflow within core business applications.

This new release includes:

Browser based viewer

A new browser based viewer enables the sharing of reports via ‘bookmarkable’ urls from any desktop or mobile browser in the world.

Template creation and management

A new template creation and management wizard dramatically reduces the number of reports by sharing designs across different data sets, making it easy to create new reports with a minimum amount of time and effort.

Genero Report Writer is now available as a standalone product and includes a purpose-built version of Genero Studio.

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Genero V2.X development licence customers with valid maintenance may upgrade to Genero Enterprise V3.00 development licences free of charge. This licence also includes a free development licence for Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer while maintenance is valid.

Should the Genero Enterprise maintenance lapse, Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer may no longer be used. Separate development licences must be purchased for Genero Mobile and Genero Report Writer in that case.

Development licences do not include runtime licences, which must be purchased separately.

Contact your local sales office for more details and pricing.