Four Js embraces the passion of Italy

Reggio Emilia – Italy, October 20, 2015 – Nestled in the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, one of the wealthiest regions of Europe and homeland to the Italian supercar industry, Giuseppe Verdi, the most celebrated balsamic vinegars, and of course the Parmesan cheese that gives pizza and pasta that delicious bitter edge, lies the ancient city of Reggio Emilia, birthplace of the Italian tricolor. It is here that Four Js Development Tools – in colaboration with its long-time partner Reweb s.r.l. – is staking its first claim on Italian soil to create Four Js Italia.

Four Js Development Tools Italia

We have been working the Italian market indirectly for over 15 years and feel that it is now time to invest in a local presence. The market wants best value for money and this is the best way to fulfill that demand.

Bryn Jenkins

General Manager

Four Js Development Tools

After working with developers over the years, it was important to open this office to accelerate the adoption of Genero. Being closer to the market means we respond better to its business and technical needs faster. From a business perspective, we expect to double business in the coming years.

Marco Colli
VP Sales & Marketing
Four Js Development Tools Italia

Four Js Development Tools Italia
VP Sales and Marketing
Marco Colli

Through this relationship, Four Js Italia inherits expertise in the field of applications development and modernization, data management, big data, business intelligence, IoT and the Cloud. Facilities are also provided for the organization of meetings, seminars, courses, web conferences and consultants to accompany customers through proofs of concept and technical certifications.

Four Js Development Tools Italia

Via Cipriani, 2
42124 Reggio Emilia

Phone : +39 (0)522 420786
Fax : +39 (0)522 420768