Genero Mobile 1.0 EAP Kick-Off Webinar

Irving, Texas – January 17, 2014 — Four Js Development Tools invites you to join us for a kick-off webinar that will guide you through the Genero Mobile EAP program. We will describe the download process and its content as well as take you through the installation and configuration process.

We will show you how to use the Business Application Modeler to create and package a Genero Mobile application, deploy it, and look at the results. We will show you where to go for information, and will answer any queries you may have about the product prior to your own review.

We will hold two identical webinars to cater to different time zones. If you cannot attend, they will be recorded and made available to EAP program members.

  • JAN 23 – 0700 PST (San Francisco) / 0900 (Mexico City) / 1600 CET (Paris)
  • JAN 23 – 1400 PST (San Francisco) / JAN 24 – 0900 AEDT (Sydney)

A registration link will be forthcoming in the EAP mailing list a few days prior to the event.