Announcing ‘Your Ticket to the Cloud’ – London, Feb 9, 2012

London, England – January 4, 2012 — Four Js Development Tools UK announced today it is hosting ‘Your Ticket to the Cloud’ this coming February 9, 2012 – an event designed to inform its customers and partners on how they can transform their business into a service model using Software as a Service techniques to penetrate new markets.

The morning business session hosts industry luminary William Fellows from The 451 Group to set the scene and describe current market trends and drivers. Stephen Sykes, Four Js VP Cloud Services, provides insight into how it intends to deliver such a service.

In the afternoon, product sessions will discuss the emergence of the HTML5 standard – an important development for cross platform Cloud applications. HTML5 makes its first appearance in the March release of Genero 2.40, previewed here with other new features in the Business Application Modeller and Report Writer.

The event is being held in the prestigious and newly renovated St. Pancras Hotel, London, which sits on top of the recently appointed Eurostar terminal. Visitors from overseas are welcome.


Conference agenda:

Thursday February 9, 2012

St. Pancras Hotel, Euston Road, London NW1
The Ladies Smoking Room

09:30 – Registration & refreshments
10:00 – Introduction, Bryn Jenkins, Four Js COO
10:30 – And it Came to PaaS… , William Fellows, VP Research, The 451 Group
11:15 – From Here to the Cloud, Stephen Sykes, VP Cloud Services, Four Js
12:15 – Break
12:30 – A Business Case for SaaS, BMS, John Driscoll
13:00 – Lunch in the Gallery
14:00 – HTML5 – The Cloud’s Universal Client?, Olivier Imbert, Four Js
14:45 – Business Application Modeller, Christophe Meyer, Four Js
15:30 – What’s new in Genero 2.40?, Neil Martin, Four Js
15:45 – Break
16:00 – Designing Graphical Reports in Studio 2.40, Neil Martin, Four Js
16:30 – Close

Who should attend?

Business and development managers who have responsibility for increasing developer productivity, product strategy, Software as a Service and Cloud computing.

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