Announcing June 19th WEBINAR: Next exit for the future, first steps to the Cloud

In the early sixties, Dylan sang “The Times They are a-Changin’ ” as an anthem of change for the civil rights movement, yet his lyrics resonate well in this third millenium within a software industry experiencing structural upheaval. Change is gathering pace and it will affect all developers of business software.

For the last five years, games, social media, personal productivity and horizontal solutions have led the sea-change towards a new way of delivering software – Software-as-a-Service. Iconic software start-ups have created a fork in the road and are accelerating this transformation. As word spreads across all software segments about this new way of doing business, you will need to take heed and start preparing your future now. If you don’t, you will quickly fall behind and never catch up.

To paraphrase Darwin, “Only those that adapt will survive“; this webinar is designed to help you adapt by guiding you down the fork, past the potholes and steering you clear of the dead-ends.

The Genero Web Appliance – a technical deep-dive

The good news is you are closer to Software-as-a-Service than you think. Genero’s server-centric, thin client architecture means your software needs fine-tuning rather than rewriting.

We will explain how to fine-tune your application for a virtualized environment with the Genero Web Appliance. This appliance provides a preconfigured Genero software stack, simplifying the task of running your application on VMWare, XEN, and other virtual machines.

You will also hear about our medium and long term Cloud strategy, and see a demonstration of our future Platform-as-a-Service.