BMS revs motor industry Private Cloud

London, England – April 19, 2012 — Bodyshop Management Systems (BMS) announced today ‘Eclipse IMS’, its most ambitious ‘Software as a Service’ Industry Management System to date for motor insurers working with the ‘bodyshop’ car repair industry. Developed in Genero and hosted in London’s Canary Wharf, Eclipse IMS leapfrogs other industry solutions for the foreseeable future.

“Every vendor plays leapfrog in terms of competitive edge. That’s why our goal was to make a quantum leap in the industry, and for that we needed Genero,” said John Driscoll Managing Director Bodyshop Management Systems. “We took a clean sheet of paper to the industry and said, tell us what you need.”

Eclipse IMS is the result of three years research into industry needs and workflow, providing features and ergonomics that are unrivaled in the UK automobile industry today.

The quantum leap with Genero

First written in Informix 4GL in the mid-eighties, it was moved to Querix in 2002 and marketed as Evolution. BMS changed to Genero early 2011 in order to fulfill their vision for Eclipse IMS.

We realised last year that we needed a new technology partner with which we could work tightly; not just for current needs but also for anticipating the future too. We needed greater response, flexibility, reliability, performance and the ability to license for the Cloud.” said Driscoll. “We are running a business and for us Four Js made the difference. Genero just works.”

In particular Driscoll’s team appreciated the concept of ‘multiple dialogs’, introduced in 2007 with Genero 2.10 – a feature sorely missing from Informix 4GL and others along with ‘tabbed MDI containers’ so critical for any modern application.

Other innovations such as table column sorting and searching – without the need to code – transformed the way applications were architected. Genero’s unique XML ‘Abstract User Interface’, first released in 2003, enables data fields to be hidden or displayed depending on user access attributes – no coding is necessary.

Genero’s Dynamic Virtual Machine is a pure joy for our development and deployment teams. We make one release and it works everywhere. Whatever the operating system, whatever the database, whatever the user interface. It elimnates all that recompiling nonsense for different platforms. That feature alone really helps the bottom line.” said Driscoll.

About Eclipse IMS – rethinking the process

Eclipse is aimed at motor insurers who wish to improve claims efficiency and drive down costs while raising customer satisfaction. Motor insurers are traditionally treated as tributary to the body repair shops and their needs were considered as add-ons.

Eclipse turns this approach on its head by respecting the real-life workflow of the claims’ fulfilment supply chain. Control and process auditing are firmly in the hands of the insurer, which no longer need to worry about owning and operating their own repair facilities.

Eclipse harnesses the strong ‘owner-driver’ ethic within the bodyshop community and provides a much closer, fully auditable means of execution. Eclipse blends the needs of all stakeholders in the process.

Meeting Changing Needs for 2012

Combing its experience with Four Js state-of-the-art technology, BMS is well poised to understand the current problems and bottlenecks found in the motor claims fulfilment process.

Eclipse IMS Key Features:

  • Bi-directional real-time communication
  • Intelligent job/network allocation
  • Fully detailed process audit with cost transparency
  • Automated SLA/CSI conformance auditing
  • Policyholder, 3rd party updating
  • ‘One Door’ job interrogation and seamless integration with IMS
  • Electronic invoicing and MI provision
  • In-built system reporting and/or direct insurer system interface using XML