Genero db ready for battle at 2010 Network Enabled Operations Summit, Washington, DC.

California, San Mateo – January 21, 2009 — Both as a sponsor for the main summit, and a featured presenter during the Netcentric Technology Showcase immediately prior, Four Js will be participating in the upcoming 2010 Network Enabled Operations Summit to be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City, January 25 through 27.

Building on its success with Raytheon and BAE Systems as the high-performance database in the Netcentric Total Ship Computing Environment Infrastructure (TSCEI) for the DDG-1000Zumwalt class destroyer program, Four Js VP, Database Product, Stephen Sykes, and VP, Americas Patrick Moore, will be presenting how 3rd generation databases such as Genero db will revolutionize Net Centric Warfare systems.

Powering Next Generation Network Centric Applications With Highest Performance COTS RDBMS

Stephen Sykes, VP Database Products

Both Sykes and Moore maintain that secure and reliable network access for battlefield applications is of limited value if the data isn’t returned in time to respond to threat.  To overcome the acknowledged limitations of 2nd Generation RDBMSes, developers of tactical edge, net-centric applications had to turn to highly customized, hard to develop, costly to maintain data management systems.  With today’s modern server platforms, a new “3rd” generation of commercial off-the-shelf RDBMS platforms has emerged. Genero db leverages today’s small footprint, large-memory, 64-bit, multi-core computing architecture, which is increasingly becoming the platform for both local and Cloud-based deployments.

“Given Genero db’s successful integration with the Raytheon-developed Total Ship Computing Environment Infrastructure, we are excited that today’s Net Centric Warfare (NCW) systems developer can now utilize an affordable, off-the-shelf RDBMS platform that provides the performance needed by Tactical Edge applications,” said Pat Moore, VP Americas Four Js Development Tools. “Genero db, an ANSI SQL standard-based RDBMS, offers the fastest route to bringing these applications on line, by allowing developers to utilize standard programming interfaces, leverage widely-available programming skills and today’s higher performing, 64-bit, low-cost server building blocks.”

About IDGA’s Net Centric Warfare Event

IDGA’s NCW is the world’s largest and most respected event focused on network enabled operations and the premier forum for the exchange of plans and best practices on net-centric innovation.  Attend and get information on the latest operational experiences and the most groundbreaking and significant government and industry initiatives to date, as well as insights into future large scale initiatives and the development of future capabilities.

The goal of the event is to provide battlefield commanders with access to current, accurate, and reliable information in order to make more informed and timely command decisionsunder any circumstances.