Genero Studio 2.10 New Release

Irving, Texas – October 17th, 2008 — Four Js Development Tools is pleased to announce the availability of Genero Studio 2.10.02. This is a major release of our integrated development environment.

To those of you unfamiliar with Genero Studio, it is designed to help you quickly and easily:

  • design user interfaces rapidly from database schema,
  • generate applications from database tables,
  •  auto-correct code syntax,
  • organize complex application projects,
  • compile, run, and debug Genero applications,
  • promote team development by sharing server based sources, compiler, debugger and databases

New features

Web Application Development

Genero Studio now enables the developer to create Web applications using its Web Client and Abstract User interface technology that will run directly in a browser. Now you can preview your forms, execute and debug applications directly in the web browser. Any application created using Genero BDL can now seamlessly run as a Web application or as a classical desktop application.
The configuration determines the current mode (Web or Desktop) and you can easily switch from one mode to the other.

Version Control System integration – Subversion

To share your source code and manage changes to your Genero applications, Genero Studio 2.10 now integrates the support for Subversion (SVN). The most common Subversion commands (checkout, update, commit, show log, revert, rename, copy…) are available from the Project Manager to make the use of a version control system more convenient.

The status of your local files (unchanged, added, modified, conflicting…) are shown in the Project Manager and updated as you make changes.

The advanced dialogs for “log” and “commit”, as well as the integrated source “diff” tool allow you to analyse the changes in your repository and your local working copy, making it easy to review your work before it is made available for the other development team members, so avoiding unexpected modifications.

Web Services development

You can now use Genero Studio to write applications that take advantage of the vast library of existing Web Services provided on the Internet. A ‘wizard’ guides you through the steps of choosing the service you wish to use, get its description locally and provide a Genero interface to the service. You can then communicate with this service by a simple function call.

Application performance profiling

Using the new “profiling” option of Genero Studio 2.10, you can analyse the performances of your Genero BDL application. Profiling gives you the time spent in each function of your program, giving you the capability to discover and fix performance bottlenecks in your Genero application.

Best Regards,

The Four Js Development Tools