World Class Hair Care Cosmetics company deploys Genero based ERP system

Barcelona, Spain – June 13th, 2007EVA Professional, a company with more than 60 years history dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and marketing cosmetic hair products has announced today the deployment of ERP X-GESTION, a Genero based ERP system developed by Spanish systems integrator and software house Ibertema.

“What made this implementation special was the time to bring key processes to the Internet,” said Jose Luis Sufrategui, General Manager Ibertema. “Without Genero, it would have taken man years to achieve what took us months. This implementation has been a real success story.”

EVA Professional, implemented ERP X-GESTION – complete with the new Internet modules – in record time. With its Mediterranean image and Spanish roots, EVA Professional is a fast growing company with an increasing presence throughout the world. Communicating between partners and suppliers via the Internet had become critical as their geographic expansion accelerated implying the rapid deployment of new methodologies.

This was the key that drove EVA Professional into Ibertema’s arms enabling them to revamp and optimize its systems to simplify processes and reduce delivery times and costs.