New Technical Forum

Dear Genero mailing list subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that the genero-customers mailing list is now a fully-fledged Forum accessible through our web site. To subscribe to it, you must have a web site account that enables access to privileged technical information.

To create such an account:

– Click the ‘My Account’ link at the bottom of the home page.
– Click ‘Create an Account’.
– Fill in the ‘Profile’ page with the requested information in Section I and tick the ‘Technical’checkbox in Section II.
– Complete the form, ensuring all mandatory fields are filled in.

If you have an existing ‘Customer Corner’ login, you can choose to have a single-sign-on (SSO). That is, a single login for the ‘VAR Solutions Catalogue’, ‘Customer Corner’, ‘Forum’, and ‘Early Access Programs’ (EAPs).

N.B. When creating a new account, have the following information ready to hand:

Your development license number provided when you purchased the product.
The ‘login/password’ pair used to access ‘Customer Corner’ for downloads also provided when you purchased the product.

You may have an existing account used for marketing purposes to access the ‘VAR Solutions Catalogue’ for instance. If so, you can quickly upgrade it with a technical profile as follows:

– Click the ‘My Account’ link at the bottom of the home page and login.
– Select ‘My Profile’.
– Select the ‘Technical’ checkbox and fill in the requested information.

Four Js will send you an acknowledgment within 24 hours of these requests.

If you encounter problems or if you have questions, please contact our support.

Four Js Development Tools