Genero Evaluation Program 2.00

Get started quickly with the Genero Evaluation Program.

The Genero Evaluation Program (GEP) is a fully functional license to use the Genero family of products (Compiler, Database, Studio and Runtime environments) for 5 users and for 90 days. It is easy to install, includes documentation and demonstration programs as well as source code snippets that provide valuable programming tips and techniques.

“We designed this test drive so that newcomers could quickly evaluate the relevance of what we do with respect to their needs”. Bryn Jenkins, COO Four Js Development Tools

GEP includes the following components : Genero BDL, Desktop Client, Web Client, Web Services, Application Server, Genero Studio and Genero db.

Two GEP versions are available :

  • Two installation packages for Microsoft® Windows and for Linux (with glibc 2.3 or higher). These versions need to be installed on the hard disk and follow the normal licensing process.
  • A pre-installed Linux package a.k.a. ‘GEP Live’, which is a self-contained, pre-installed and pre-configured environment made up of the GEP and a small Linux distribution (Damn Small Linux – DSL). GEP Live is available in the form of a bootable ISO image (LiveCD) and a virtual machine software appliance (LiveVM) that requires the free VMware Player.

GEP 2.00, features the following releases :

  • Genero Studio version (1.20.1a)
  • Genero Database version (3.60)
  • Genero BDL Language version (2.00.1a)
  • Genero Web Services version (2.00.1c)
  • Genero Desktop Client version (2.00.1a)
  • Genero Web Client version (2.00.1a)
  • Genero Application Server version (2.00.1a)
  • Genero Java Client verion (2.00.1b)

New to Genero db 3.60 is the Enterprise Manager (3.60.200612061234) that enables a user friendly administration of the database.

>>> Download the Genero Evaluation Program