Four Js joins Mexican government debate on public digital access policies

Mexico City, Mexico – 0ctober 18, 2007 – David Salazar, VP Four Js Development Tools Latin America, joined policy makers, industry decision makers, legislators, academia, analysts and other key leaders to debate digital economy public policies on a panel during the Infocom-Mexico 2007conference October 10-11, hosted by the Institute of the Americas.

The conference covered policies and legislation that would stimulate the IT and Communications industries and kicked off with a speech from Mr. Jeffrey Davidow, President of the Institute of the Americas and former US Ambassador to Mexico. Mr. Leo Zuckerman, respected political commentator, Professor and economic analyst, delivered his perspective about the current economic drivers.
Mr. Jeffrey Davidow,
Pdt. Institute of the Americas

“Today my company provides a proven technology platform to develop and execute mission critical government and institutional applications that are both quickly implemented and flexible in a world of constant change,” said Salazar. “Our customers are evolving their applications towards Service Oriented Architectures and this strategy can enable key organs of the state to not only follow, but lead world trends.”

“Building government applications shouldn’t be difficult, yet today we are facing a skills shortage that makes it almost impossible to be successful.” he continued. “My company has the experience developing governmental applications at a federal and local level and has actively promoted the creation of software factories that nurture those skills.  These factories focus on large projects like the recently opened facility in Zacatecas with Governor Amalia’s García’s support.”

The Zacatecan software factory, now capable of developing mission critical applications for health, justice, finance and other government sectors, can compete in global markets with its innovative business model and proven methodology, certifications and pricing. The state of Zacatecan is ideally positioned geographically and culturally to deal with European and US demand, drawing interest from as far away as Italy.


Other interactive panel sessions with industry experts in the Telecommunications, Information Technology and Broadcasting sectors joined with government officials to provide a practical view of the business and governance environment in Mexico for the digital economy.

“The conference content was spectacular,” said Dr. Eduardo Rojas government official and conference delegate.

During the event, Congressman Benjamín González Roaro and President of the Commission of the Civil Service  invited Four Js to repeat its successful deployments at the Institute of Social Security Services for Civil Servants (ISSSTE) in future government projects.

From left to right:
Lizeth Jiménez Consultant of the commission for Public Services Mexican Congress, Jeffrey Davidow,  David Salazar, VP Latin America Four Js

Four Js would like to thank Mr. Jeffrey Davidow, the US Embassy in Mexico and the US Department of Commerce for its invitation and active participation in promoting and supporting this event.

Among the attendees and panellists were:

Institute of the Americas

Jeffrey Davidow, President, Institute of the Americas. Former US Ambassador in Mexico.
Harrison Grey Morrison, Director CIT, Institute of the Americas


José Carlos Borunda, Director, International Affairs and Competition Executive Office, Presidencia de la República
Abraham Sotelo, Director, e-Government and IT Policies, Secretary of Public Functions
Sergio Carrera , General Director for Internal Commerce and Digital Economy, Secretary of Economy
María del Rocío Ruíz Chávez, Undersecretary for Trade and Industry, Secretary for Economy Rafael Del Villar, Undersecretary, Secretary of Communication and Transportation
Alejandro Hernández Pulido , General Coordinator, e-México National System
Martín Alejandro Levenson Lavintman, Technical Secretary, Government of Michoacán
Javier Lozano, Secretary, Secretary of Labor Héctor Osuna, President, Federal Telecommunications Commission
Eduardo Pérez Motta , President, Federal Competition Commission Salvador
Vega Casillas, Undersecretary, Secretary of the Civil Service Legislators
Angel Heladio Aguirre Rivero , President, Commission for Communication and Transportation, Mexican Senate
Oscar Gustavo Cardenas Monroy , President, Commission for Communication, Mexican Congress
Carlos Torres Presa , President, Commission for Mexican Public Digital Access to the Mexican, Mexican Congress Diputada
Verónica Velasco Rodríguez, President, Commission for Radio, Television and Cinematography, Mexican Congress
Javier Zambrano, President, Commission for Mexico’s Future Development, Mexican Congress
Benjamin Gonzalez Roaro, President, Commission of the Civil Service

IT Industry

Gustavo Cantú Durán, Vice-President, Nextel de Mexico
Jaime Carpenter, General Manager, Cisco Mexico
Juan Alberto González, General Director, Microsoft Mexico
Carlos Guzmán, General Director, Hewlett-Packard
Flavio Mansi, VP of Business Development, QUALCOMM
Antonio Guerrero, Director, EDS Mexico
David J. Salazar, V.P. Four Js Latin America
Blanca Treviño, President, Softtek
Manuel Cortines, Latin America Director, Government Sector, Sun Microsystems
Jayne Stancavage, Worldwide Wimax Spectrum Policy Manager, Intel Corporation


Francisco Ceballos , President, Asociación Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI)
Umang Das, BPO, KPO & BTO Council, The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
Nahim de Anda Martín , National President, Asociación Mexicana Empresarial de Software Libre
Rafael Funes Lovis, President, Asociación Mexicana de la Industria de Tecnologías de Información
Juan Octavio Pavón G. , Presidente, Comité de Informática de la Administración Pública Estatal y Municipal
Enrique Pereda Gómez, President, Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Radio y TV
Eduardo Ruiz Esparza, National President, Cámara Nacional de la Industria Electrónica, de Telecomunicaciones e Informática
José Manuel Sánchez , President, Asociación Mexicana de Estándares para el Comercio Electrónico

Academic, Analyst and Regional Institutions

Tim Connelly, Outsourcing Services Manager, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co
Luis Carlos Ferezin , Director, Accenture
Veronica Galaz , Secretary, ECLAC – Information Society
Judith Mariscal, Directora – Programa Telecom, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas
Ernesto Piedras, General Director, The Competitive Intelligence Unit – Consulting Group
Ricardo Zermeño González, Director General, Select
Leo Zuckerman, Professor and Economic Analyst, CIDE

About The Institute of the Americas

The Institute of the Americas located on the campus of the University of California in San Diego has built a twenty-five year history as a promoter of informed discussion and debate about public policies in the western hemisphere. At conferences organized throughout Latin America and the United States, government officials, private sector executives and representatives of non-governmental organizations exchange views on pressing contemporary economic and social issues.

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