Clean sweep for Four Js in London Borough of Sutton’s street scene

London, England – July 12, 2007The London Borough of Sutton is pleased to announce a new partnership with Brighton based DataPro – a Value Added Reseller of Four Js Development Tools – that will see it using theContender StreetScene software with mobile wireless computers to help deliver high quality, integrated services to its residents. Contender StreetScene is currently available in BDS and is being redesigned in Genero.

“This system will enable field staff to receive or log information on a hand held computer about any issue in the borough that requires inspection, maintenance, cleaning or reporting,” said Myfanwy Wallace, Mayor of the London Borough of Sutton. “The new system is part of Sutton’s ongoing e-government initiatives, but more importantly it enables the council to respond to ‘Street Scene’ issues more efficiently and effectively.”

The system will for the first time directly link the staff on the ground with Sutton’s call centre so information from residents will go directly to the right person to sort it out.

The Contender StreetScene system will enable front line staff from Parks, Highways and Waste Management to access all the information they need to carry out their work and respond to requests from residents quickly and efficiently.

It will for example help them deal quickly with things like clearing fly-tipping, repairing potholes, carrying out tree inspections, removing graffiti and mending broken street lights.

The Contender StreetScene software will form the key link between back office systems including the Geographic Information System (GIS), the LLPG and the Corporate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system providing innovative functionality to streamline management, monitoring and reporting.

The team at DataPro has been writing, supplying and supporting software for Central and Local Government, NHS establishments and commercial organisations since 1986.

The staff consists of dedicated professionals, many with public sector specific knowledge, others with outstanding technical skills and experience. DataPro has extensive knowledge not only of software development, but also of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), operating systems (including Linux, UNIX and Microsoft), hardware, networking, and local and wide-area communications systems.

The agreement with London Borough of Sutton means that some 25% of all London Boroughs now use Contender Streetscene to control their street based contracts.

Here are some quotes from other satisfied Councils:


“The system has helped us to achieve a major improvement in a recent Best Value Audit”

“The Audit Commission gave our StreetCare service the highest Best Value rating for any refuse collection and street cleansing service in England and Wales”

London Borough of Brent


“We are all very pleased to say that the launch of the new Contender system today was a huge success”

“All went extremely well……unbelievably smooth”

“THANK YOU to everyone – particularly all members of SES, DataPro Software Limited and Camden technical teams for all of your help & support in helping us make this system a success”

The London Borough of Camden


“We were looking for a single, integrated solution with the scope to cover best price and from a supplier with proven abilities in the field”
Wycombe District Council

More About Contender StreetScene

CONTENDER STREETSCENE is a Performance Monitoring and Contract Management System for ensuring delivery of Best Value in services and contracts. From the very start it has been specified by Local Authorities for use in Local Authorities.

The core system is capable of handling most of the day-to-day activities of a StreetScene department while specialised modules cater for specific functions.

The overall functionality covers:

  •  Abandoned Vehicles
  • Refuse Collection
  • Street Cleaning
  • Trade Waste
  • Clinical Waste
  • Fly Tipping
  • Verges and Gulleys
  • Green Waste and White Goods
  • Special Collections
  • Green Box Recycling
  • Highways
  • Street Lighting
  • Enforcements
  • Contractor Access
  • Hand Helds
  • Trees and Arboriculture
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Office and Housing Cleansing
  • Graffiti
  • Warden Schemes

With interfaces available to:

  • CRM systems
  • GIS products
  • Accounting software
  • Web Forms
  • Resource Scheduling facilities

Key features include:

  • Multi-contract/multi-contractor monitoring and management
  • Customer Care Help Desk to record enquiries/complaints, generate and track actions and resolutions
  • Works Orders creation and distribution, including provision for target completion dates, multi-sites work as well as multiple items of work on a single order, with individual completion dates
  • Hand Held Touch PC and Direct PDA access
  • Performance reporting, including, works orders, complaints/defaults by period, ward and source
  • Multi-layered management hierarchy to match organisational structure