Mx Health revamps South African healthcare system with Genero

Centurion, South Africa – August 11th, 2006 — Healthcare systems house Digicare Technologies are completing the rollout of Mx Health’s latest health insurance system that manages claims between health authorities, insurance companies and patients, running over 150 users. In particular, the system manages health insurance claims, scheme financing and chronic disease management.

Mx Health covers the provision of all clinical risk management programmes and preventative programmes, including hospital benefit management, pharmaceutical benefit management, disease state management, dental benefit management, optical benefit management, health information and various other services. Mx Health verifies provider claims according to the contracts entered into with the providers and captures clinical data according to agreed clinical coding systems. Their systems manage membership, financial contributions and capitation fees at the beneficiary and/or participating provider level.

“This new system really streamlines the process of checking patient benefits,” said Sean Botha, Systems Architect IT Services, Digicare Technologies. “We are now working on the next evolution of the system which is to completely decentralise and provide self-service capabialities via the Web. We have begun work using the Genero Web Client and expect to have something to show in the next month or so.”

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