IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING™- Soccer stars sport adidas® football boots manufactured with Genero MRP system

Johannesburg, South Africa – May 22nd, 2006 – Ever wondered what David Beckham, Djibril Cissé and Zinedine Zidane all had in common besides ‘oodles’ of football talent? Well, they all wear boots that were made with business software developed in Genero. adidas’ top-flight Indonesian manufacturing outfit, Pt Panarub Industries has just finished deploying “SP2” – a state-of-the-art Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system crafted by South African software house Shoepack (Pty) Ltd. The rollout benefits 100 users with another 50 users coming on line in the next few months.

“The original system was having trouble keeping pace with the business,” said Patrick Stieger, chief architect at Shoepack. “It was more about storing data rather than extracting and analysing it,” he added. “And that caused their business processes to become very paper driven. Scaling to meet demand became a real business problem.”

Shoepack and Pt Panarub Industries worked very closely on redefining new business processes enabled by Genero that drove a massive turnaround in productivity at the plant. Now at almost 40,000 pairs of football boots per day (that’s a cool million pairs per month), Panarub are achieving goals that were previously considered impossible. As the adidas marketing campaign says – IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING. Confident of their brand new MRP system, Pt Panarub Industries have now set themselves a brand new target too – 50,000 boots per day!

“I have extensive experience with MRP systems in Visual Basic and Java and have to admit I needed a lot of convincing to go with Genero – I’d just never heard of it before,” said Stieger. “My prejudice was soon quashed when I saw what I could do with it. Now I am a convert.”

“What we achieved at Panarub would never have been possible in the timeframe with those other tools. And by radically improving their information and business processes to their supplier community, Panarub quickly shot to top ranking position within adidas – that’s the value of the new system.”

Today’s football boot comprises an eye watering 170 components and the supply chain needs tight control. In addition, adidas measures its partner’s performance on the quality of information they can provide. One of the goals of the new system was to provide real-time management information and analysis too. To do this, SP2 provided a complete MRP suite including stock control, purchasing, receiving, BOM management, cost accounting, sales analysis, planning, work in progress tracking and finished goods invoicing to name but a few of the features.

The end result is the transition from a paper driven business to a paperless office – improving response times with adidas and its suppliers as well as providing crisp, rich graphical management reports.

Not forgetting of course Panarub’s hard earned status as the top ranking business partner within the adidas ecosystem.

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