Genero 1.33 EAP


January 26th, 2006 – Four Js Development Tools opens its Early Access Program (EAP) today for its version 1.33 release of the Genero development environment.

This is an especially important annoncement that supports the soon to be released Genero db – a new and revolutionary relational database based on a patented ‘lock-free’ architecture tightly integrated with Genero. Also supported in this release is Genero ESCQL/C – a companion preprocessor enabling applications written in ‘C’ to access the Genero db database.
A separate beta program for Genero db will be announced shortly.

All customers actively developing Genero applications are encouraged to participate in this evaluation of Genero v1.33.

If you wish to learn more or participate in this program, click on the  the Genero 1.33 EAP link in the sidebar.

We appreciate your interest in our Early Access Programs and value your feedback. Thank you for your participation in this important phase of our product development.

The Four Js Genero Team