Data Conseil sign multi-year agreement
Data Conseil to equip 1,500 french pharmacies with Four Js based solution

Paris, France – April 11th, 2006 — Data Conseil, subsidiary of Cegedim – european leader in the supply of medical information with annual revenues of € 502 M – has begun deployment to its french installed base of 5,250 users of its newly developed pharmacy management solution “Premium”. Data Conseil targets its solution at 1500 medium to large pharmacies supporting between 10 and 20 users.

“We were very pleased with the service Four Js gave us,” declared Laurent Dutour, IT Director Data Conseil. “Our timeframe and budget were extremely tight, yet we were still able to overachieve our goals in terms of the feature set we were able to deliver.”

Premium, differentiates itself with gorgeous graphics supporting the latest touch screen LCD display technology and interfaces to the french government’s third party payment system known as “Carte Vitale”. The “Carte Vitale” stores patient information and processes payments directly for government subsidised medication.  The resulting reduction in paperwork and administration saves valuable time and money for both patient, pharmacy and government alike.

The solution manages the complexities of industry specific sales order processing procedures and stock management between the various accredited organisations and the pharmacy.

The 5,250 user roll-out will take until the end of the year.

Learn more about Data Conseil (in french)