Genero Collects 120 Million Euros in Taxes

Paris, France – December 15th, 2005 — The french government’s largest accredited professional tax collection agency, the Union Inter Profession Enseignement (UNIPE) has recently deployed a Genero based application that is responsible for the collection of over 120 million euros in professional training taxes.

The core application was developed with Genero and interfaces to Java sub-modules via Web Services. The user interface is exclusivley written with the Genero Web Client.

“The interface between Genero and Java was key,” said Jacques Legousse, Managing Director CLG. “We were able to leverage work done in different development environments and that saved us a lot of energy. We have government accreditation for the printing of pre-filled tax declaration forms that was developed in Java and we didn’t want to have to touch that. Genero’s Web Services provided a slick interface between the two for which we were very thankful.”

The french government levies 0.6% of corporate payroll, which is returned to the company in the form of training credits by accredited training providers. Companies may choose with which organisations, be they colleges, universities or other training providers they wish to spend their credits.

Covering over 70,000 enterprises including some of France’s largest;  Groupe Accord, Carrefour, FNAC, France Télécom, Lyonniase des Eaux and Manpower, the system was developed for the UNIPE by Four Js VAR, CLG.

What was once a labour intensive manual process is now a fully integrated system. This frees up resources at the UNIPE to develop value added services that will differentiate it in a competitive marketplace. The UNIPE vies for french companies ‘business’ along with 100 similarly accredited organisations.

CLG’s system performs a complex tax calculation based on 30 man years experience according to the latest fiscal and specific corporate criteria. The system is government approved to ‘print’ pre-filled government tax declaration forms that are sent to the company for verification and returned to the UNIPE. The system invariably exchanges statements via email when it can.

The UNIPE then scans all responses and emits a tax statement based on the returns. Companies send  their checks to the UNIPE which are scanned and verified against outsanding balances. Only if the scanned checks are not readable do operators intervene to read the high-resolution images and potential outstanding balance anomilies. Once validated, funds are automatcially transferred to one of two banks depending on given criteria. A sophisticated document storage management system weighing 60GB tracks every transaction and keeps a record of all scanned images.

Reminders are dealt with automatically and are sent via email to La Poste – the french government state Post Office. They in turn print and stuff envelopes on behalf of the UNIPE saving valuable resources and time.
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