World’s Leading Loss Adjuster Adopts Lysander’s Insurance Claim System

Developed with Genero for One Sixth of the Cost

A partnership between Four Js and Lysander Systems Ltd has resulted in the development and recent deployment of an insurance claim system in one of the world’s leading loss adjusters. In an industry where rapid response and instant access to real time information is paramount, the customer consulted Lysander on the feasibility of developing the system in record time.

Key objectives were the reduction in processing time for the 100,000 claims processed annually in 350 branch offices and the seamless integration with other in-house systems. The result is the collaboration between Four Js and Lysander that produced the modernisation of a system written previously in Informix 4GL. Developed using Four Js flagship Genero, the system was able to leverage 10 years investment in business logic tailored for the insurance claims market. The system was completed for one sixth of the original cost.

Lysander has worked together with Four Js to create a new system with a GUI interface using Genero, an object-based Unified Development Environment. Genero enables developers to focus on business logic rather than deployment choices such as databases, operating systems and user interfaces. It was designed from the ground up for building high performance, mission critical business applications using its Dynamic Virtual Machine – a highly efficient application server providing unprecedented portability and scalability.

The new system also supports multiple claim access with updating and can now also integrate with other standard office automation products such as MS Word, Excel and Internet Explorer. It also produces Adobe PDF documentation with an interface to the Adobe central server.

This Genero development is part of a much wider project, which includes the .NET based upgrade of an existing web system. This gives users the facility to interrogate the central system on the history and details of claims, using a web-based Filofax style interface.

About Lysander Systems

Lysander is a Sage Solution Centre – the highest level of Sage accreditation, awarded due to its track record of success at over 100 client sites and proven, in-depth skills and experience. Lysander has been successfully implementing business solutions based around Sage Enterprise software for over 14 years.

Its strength comes from delivering the comprehensive and proven range of Sage ERP and CRM software backed up by long term support and customer services. Lysander also have partnerships with IBM, Microsoft, Cognos, Four Js and Oracle providing the following products and services:

  • Infrastructure, hardware and network solutions
  • Professional services including project management, training and consultancy
  • Custom software development team with skills in Informix, Oracle, Four Js, Powerbuilder, .NET and SQL.