South Africa’s Oracle User Group 2004 invites Four Js

iAdapt garners interest for its Genero based Business Development Framework ERP software

Johannesburg, South Africa, October 18th, 2004 – One of South Africa’s largest software development houses, iAdapt, was invited to exhibit its ERP applications and development tools using Four Js Genero at the annual South African Oracle User Group held at Sun City today.

“The exhibition was a great success for us”, declared Gordon Young, VP EMEA, Four Js. “Interest in new software development projects seems to be gathering speed again in the region and there has been a lot of requests to evaluate the product”.

Four Js show-cased Genero which, in conjunction with iAdapt’s Business Development Framework 5.0 rapid application development tool, enables a company to develop bespoke sub-systems in record time. This new version of BDF also includes the latest release of iAdapt’s Nex®.

iAdapt was able to demonstrate its own ERP software running natively on multiple databases simultaneously with no middleware or ODBC driver, thereby lowering the Total Cost of Ownership. The rationale behind executing simultaneous database writes is to simultaneously split each transaction into an OLTP and OLAP environment without complex and cumbersome database migration tools for Business Intelligence purposes.

To learn more about iAdapt and Nex click here