VAR signs SCM deal with $1Bn Group

Four Js VAR TECSYS Signs Agreement With $1 Billion International Auto Aftermarket & Industrial Products Corporation

Freudenberg-NOK’s Corteco and Simrit Businesses to Implement EliteSeries

Dallas, TX— September 10, 2003 — Four Js Development Tools Ltd., software author of Business Development Suite and TECSYS Inc. (TSX: TCS), a leading Supply Chain Management (SCM) software provider, announced a major agreement with Freudenberg-NOK to implement EliteSeries’ suite of enterprise distribution management applications at its Corteco and Simrit businesses. Business Development Suite was selected by TECSYS from a competitive field as the development environment of choice for EliteSeries.

“Four Js Business Development Suite is a fast and cost effective path to developing a Web based ERP system”, declared Robert Colosino, VP Alliances & Technology, TECSYS.

“This agreement is further proof that our value proposition holds true”, said Jean-Georges Schwartz, CEO and Founder Four Js Development Tools Ltd. “In today’s economy, hitting deadlines, meeting customer expectations and delivering within budget are the only way to succeed.”

“We needed a distribution-centric ERP solution with robust functionality in warehouse management, order processing, forecasting, kitting production, e-Commerce, and reporting/business intelligence. These key applications will ensure that we maintain efficient distribution operations, while delivering the very best in service and supplies to our customers,” said Louis Ventura, Director of Information Systems. “TECSYS has a fully integrated suite of applications designed and built specifically for the distribution supplier market. We needed a solution that closely fits our business requirements, that allows us to respond quickly, and that will grow with us.”

Established in 1989 as the American partner in the global Freudenberg and NOK Group, Freudenberg-NOK has experienced remarkable growth since its creation, quadrupling its annual revenues to nearly $1 billion. This remarkable growth is the result of two key factors: a laser-sharp focus on its core competency in sealing, vibration control and elastomeric technologies, and the relentless pursuit of perfection through its proprietary Growtth® continuous improvement program. Freudenberg-NOK has thousands of employees throughout North America. Corteco specializes in automotive aftermarket sealing and vibration control products. Simrit, the industrial sealing products division, is a market leader in the aerospace, industrial, consumer and agriculture/construction market segments.

Corteco’s and Simrit’s business requirements dictate that the company choose the best solution on the market for real-time global inventory management. Standardized item and order management, forecasting, and management tools to measure return on assets are also critical to Freudenberg-NOK’s ability to deliver products on time, while providing unparalleled customer service.

“We are very pleased with this agreement, and we welcome Corteco and Simrit into the TECSYS family,” commented Peter Brereton, President and Co-CEO of TECSYS. “Once again, we’ve shown that the EliteSeries suite is by far the most comprehensive suite of applications for the distribution supply industry.” Brereton added, “When you combine the rich functionality of EliteSeries and our seasoned industry-knowledgeable personnel, our total offering is hard to beat. Our partnership with Freudenberg-NOK demonstrates our ability to provide critical tools to assist executives at any level make better business decisions.”

EliteSeries will be implemented at distribution centers in Milan, Ohio (CortecoTM), Spencer, Iowa (SimritTM) and Lake Forest, California (SimritTM). With its Web-based platform running the Oracle database, TECSYS will empower Corteco and Simrit users with EliteSeries Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Distribution Management System (DMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Enterprise Transportation Management System (TMS) and E-Commerce modules.

Features include product and pricing and promotion updates, order status, order history, inventory availability status, lot and serial tracking control as well as forecasting. Such leading-edge tools will allow the real-time flow of information from the field to Freudenberg-NOK headquarters, where visibility on every aspect of the business is critical to making strategic decisions and providing superior customer service.

About Freudenberg-NOK

Freudenberg-NOK draws upon the 150-year-old technology heritage of Freudenberg & CO. from Wienheim, Germany and its 40-year partnership with NOK Corporation from Tokyo, Japan. All told, the Freudenberg and NOK Group enjoy annual sales of more than $7 billion. With worldwide automotive sales of approximately $4 billion, the Freudenberg and NOK Group was ranked No. 2 in global balance among top automotive suppliers (according to Automotive News International – Sept. 2001) and No. 22 in global sales among the world’s top OEM automotive suppliers (per Automotive News – June 17, 2002).

Corteco specializes in automotive aftermarket sealing and vibration control products. Its product lines include Corteco engine gaskets, seals and gasket rebuild kits; MounTec engine, transmission and strut mounts and bushings; and TransTec transmission and power steering rebuild kits. In addition, Corteco produces oil seals, in-vehicle crankshaft seal kits and cabin air filters. Corteco is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, and maintains manufacturing and distribution facilities in Milan, Ohio and Newport, Tennessee.

The Simrit Division is based at Freudenberg-NOK’s headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. Freudenberg-NOK is part of the Freudenberg and NOK Group Companies. A market leader in the aerospace, industrial, consumer and agriculture/construction market segments, Simrit draws from more than 150 years of experience and well-known brand names including Freudenberg®, NOK®, Disogrin®, Merkel® and International Seal®.


TECSYS is a leading Supply Chain Management software company that provides powerful enterprise distribution software solutions. TECSYS’ EliteSeries SCM software suite spans the office to the shipping dock and beyond. EliteSeries modules include Enterprise Performance Management, Distribution Management, Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, and E-Commerce.

The company’s customers include about 300 mid-size and Fortune 1000 corporations in healthcare (pharmaceutical and medical/surgical supplies) distribution, third-party logistics (3PL), and general wholesale high-volume distribution markets. Some of TECSYS’ customers are: McKesson Specialty Distribution, Cardinal Health Specialty Pharmaceutical Services, University Health Network/Hospital Logistics Inc., Shoppers Drug Mart, Rolf C. Hagen, Freudenberg-NOK, Future Electronics, Colgate-Palmolive, National Bulk Foods Distributor, Focus Products Group, DSI Toys, and Pfizer. TECSYS’ shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the ticker symbol TCS.

About Four Js Development Tools

Four Js provides tools for the development of high-volume, mission-critical business applications, including a powerful Business Development Suite (BDS), and a flexible, scalable deployment infrastructure.  BDS enables rapid and predictable development and deployment of business logic across a variety of server, database, and end-user platforms. Applications powered by Four Js support traditional Windows clients, are fully Internet enabled for eCommerce and Web Services, and support HTML, Java, and WAP™ client devices for mobile access.

With two million plus users and five thousand developers worldwide, Four Js is installed across Fortune 500® enterprises including AT&T, DHL®, Kmart and Walmart. Four Js also equips small to medium sized businesses, local, state, federal and educational agencies. Four Js is a privately held, profitable company, with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

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