Four Js Attends IBM Technical Conference

Mark your agenda: Four Js Development Tools will be present at the NEW IBM Data Management Technical Conference, along with the 2003 IBM Informix Conference.

Come and see the avant premier of Four Js next generation development tool “Genero”.

Date and Place:
Oct 26 – 29, 2003
Hilton Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Four Js to be Silver Sponsor at IBM Data Management Show…

Four Js is proud to announce their silver Sponsorship of the IBM Data Management Technical Conference and Expo, which combines the IBM Data Management show with the IBM Informix User Conference. The event will be held from Oct 26-Oct 28, at the Las vegas Hilton, Nevada, USA.

Four Js will be presenting the first release of its new Genero Development and Deployment Suite, and for the first time its new advanced IDE, Genero Studio.

Genero provides a development environment that resolves database and presentation dependencies by employing a revolutionary architecture built upon XML. In this way, applications can be developed in less than half the code, further improving productivity by delivering tighter, faster and more reliable execution.

Four Js strong presence at IBM conference will leverage distribution agreement

Four Js has a distribution agreement with IBM® (NYSE: IBM) to sell Four Js Business Development Suite. The agreement enables IBM to offer 4GL customers the BDS environment for such diverse applications as ERP, CRM and Dynamic Web sites. BDS supports the IBM database portfolio including native access to DB2 and IBM Informix Dynamic Server database software.

Genero – The Holy Grail in Business Applications Development

Four  Js would like to extend an invitation to all conference participants to attend one 75-minute presentation at the conference:

Tuesday, Oct 28, 12.45pm

Genero – The Holy Grail in Business Applications Development

Come and find out how productive Genero is to build and deploy business applications.