WWDC 17 – Important Travel Information

September 26-29, 2017


Event address:

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa:
Boulevard Kukulcan,
Km 14.5, Lote 40-A, Zona Hotelera
Cancun, Quintana Roo 77500

Phone: +52-998-8489600.

JW Marriott Cancun Resort web site

For detailed access directions click here.


Overseas travelers need a passport to travel to Mexico. It is best to make a copy of your passport and carry it in a different location than your actual passport. If you have a “US Passport Card” it is good for land and sea only. Remember, the name on your passport and your ticket, must match.


If you missed or changed your flight, please notify me at: 917-825-7029 from the US or if you call from overseas, dial ‘+’ (the international access dial code) then ‘1’ followed by the phone number. If you cannot reach me, then dial Hector who is based in Cancùn at: ‘+’ 52 1 998 241 1002. It is advisable to download “WhatsApp” or equivalent on your smartphone, to stay connected to family and friends at home.


Upon your arrival in Cancun, please make sure to have all of your personal belongings with you. Have your passport, immigration card, and customs declaration handy, to be cleared by Immigration. (Immigration cards and custom declarations are provided onboard the aircraft). Please see an example of the form you will need to fill in by clicking HERE. Usually your airline will provide this form to you.

TRAVEL ADVISORY – Starting soon some commercial airlines will stop handing out immigration forms aboard their airplanes, we highly recommend you fill out the form(s) online now so you don’t delay your immigration process when you arrive in Mexico. The online form can be accessed by clicking HERE. By filling in this form, you will be able to download your customs immigration form that looks like THIS. Print this form out and present it to Mexican immigration.

Important: You MUST KEEP the lower portion of the immigration card that will be stamped by the Immigration officer, as you will need to show it again when ARRIVING at the hotel, and when LEAVING Cancún to head home. One per person is required!

  • After clearing Immigration: Collect your luggage.
    Important: If you are missing luggage, report it to the airline personnel immediately, and make sure to complete a report before leaving the luggage claim area. When found, your luggage will be delivered free of charge to your hotel ASAP by our local event and logistics company DMC.
  • Once you have your luggage: proceed to the customs area to declare any goods. Have your customs declaration form completely filled out. You will press a button on a light resembling a traffic signal. A green light means that your bags will pass without inspection, a red light means that your bags will be inspected. They are looking for meats, fruit, or merchandise intended to be sold. If inspected, they will take a quick peek and away you go.
  • After passing customs: please keep walking to the outside of the airport building. Although there are many timeshare salespeople located in the corridor on your way out, we encourage you NOT to stop and speak to them. Continue walking through the corridor and meet DMC outside.

A representative from DMC Cancun will greet you right outside your arrival terminal with a Four Js’ sign. Their uniforms are white shirts and black/khaki pants, with their name badge and a big smile. They will then transport you the 20 minute ride to the JW Marriott. (feel free to tip the drivers, as it is not included in the program. US dollars are acceptable).

Remember, DMC will monitor your flight, so if it is a little delayed or is arriving a little early, you don’t need to call us, as they will know this information. Only if your flight is cancelled, or you were switched to another flight, then please make sure they get the new flight information, so they can re-schedule your transfer.


When you arrive at the hotel, you will proceed to the “Guest Check-in” area to the right, as you enter the main lobby. We will have our own “check-in” desk with a Four Js sign. We will have your keys to your rooms, and name badge. This desk will open at 11:00AM on Tuesday, September 26th, for those arriving early. Please note: Lunch is on your own this day. The first group meal is in the evening.

Every effort will be made to accommodate early arrivals. Your luggage will be stored until your room is ready. It is suggested to pack a change of clothing or swimsuit in your carry-on luggage to begin enjoying the property while your room is being prepared.


Please be aware that Mexican cell phone roaming rates are excessively expensive unless your operator has an agreement with a Mexican carrier. Many US cell operators have such agreements, but many international operators do not. If you are unsure, we advise that you rent a local cell phone at the airport if you plan on making lots of calls from Mexico. Otherwise use social media services such as Whatsapp or Skype on the hotel WIFI.


You can use the safe in your room to lock up your valuables.


The program starts at the Welcome Reception on Tuesday, September 26th, at 6:30PM, and ends on Friday, September 29th at approximately 1:30PM.


Resort/business casual for all events. It can get chilly and windy at night. A light sweater, wrap, or long sleeves are suggested, as we are right on the beach.