Genero Enterprise – Four Js Maintenance Release Activity for September 2019

During the last month, the following FourJs Genero
maintenance releases were made available

Current Release: Genero Enterprise 3.20

Genero Enterprise 3.10

  • Genero BDL Maintenance Release 3.10.22 released on September 26th 2019.
        The Genero BDL bundle (FGLGWS) 3.10.22 is including :
    • Business Development Language (FGL) 3.10.19
    • Web service extension (GWS) 3.10.19
    • Genero Browser Client (GBC) 1.00.54
    • Testing tool (GGC) 1.10.08
    • Application Server for Java (JGAS) 1.00.15
    • Web Components and wrappers (WCG) 1.00.17

    These versions include the following fixes :

These versions are now downloadable from the web site

For releases prior to Genero 3.00, refer to the ARCHIVED RELEASES link on the download page

Note: All FourJs Genero customers under maintenance have free access to these new releases

Best regards,
Four J’s Development Tools