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Unexpected error 2738 during Genero product installation on Windows platforms. What should I do ?

Product Version Platform
Genero >= 2.21 All Windows

Your Genero product installation stopped with the following error (2738 or 2739) :

This is a known Microsoft issue.

The following URL is one solution :

If you still encounter the issue, please create a log of your installation :

  1.  open an Administrator command line window.
  2.  go to the directory where the package is.
  3. execute : fjs-<product-id>-<version>-<WindowsOStype>.exe /x -> you will get a second file named fjs-<product-id>-<version>-<WindowsOStype>.msi
  4. Now execute : msiexec /i fjs-<product-id>-<version>-<WindowsOStype>.msi /log fjs.log
  5. Send the fjs.log file to your support center please.

Last update: 2011-06-21 09:45 GMT

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Can I install a Genero product on a network drive or a shared directory ?

Product Version Platform
Genero Genero 2.x All Windows package VC80 and higher

You downloaded a Genero packages for Windows, and you would like to install it on a network drive or a shared directory. The goal is to install the package once and execute it from any other Windows Client Machine :

On a Unix Server you mounted a network drive with SAMBA, for example, and a Windows Client machine mounted the drive, as S: for example :

Or.  if your server is Microsoft Windows, you shared a directory, and on a Windows client machine you mounted it, as drive S: for example :

This kind of installation is not possible for Genero Application server (GAS)  and Genero Studio (GST).

During the installation you will get the following messages :

And for GST :

There is no supported workaround today (when I am writing these lines).

Now what about Genero BDL Runtime/compiler ?

During the installation procedure, the FGLGWS or FGL installation will resume and show you the following message :

There is a workaround for the Windows Server <-> Windows Client configuration :
Install the package from the Microsoft Windows Server itself with administrator rights. The installation will normally raise users rights for some directories. Now you will be able to Share your installation.

Last update: 2010-10-22 18:26 GMT

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