Genero Apps – Free from Oracle Java Royalties

For those of you wondering whether the applications you develop with Genero incur Oracle® Java™ royalties or not, we would like to reassure you. Genero uses no commercial components of Oracle Java.

Genero Report Writer

Genero Report Writer (GRW) is written in Java and uses the Oracle Java Runtime Engine (JRE) to execute reports with the Genero Runtime Engine (GRE).

GRE and its installer do not use commercially licensed Oracle software however. If you wish to avoid using commercially licensed Oracle software, we advise when deploying Oracle Java JRE or JDK on your servers, to not use MSI Enterprise JRE Installer,  part of the Java Developer Kit (JDK) 1.8.

Genero Apps that Interface with Oracle Java Standard Edition (SE) Commercial Features

Applications you develop in Oracle Java that interface with Genero may use or embed commercial versions of Oracle Java. If you interface your Genero Mobile for Android application with Java for instance, you may install a JDK, which contains commercial versions of its libraries.

Also, when using Oracle Java Standard Edition (SE), make sure you are correctly licensed if you use Oracle Java SE Advanced, Advanced Desktop and Suite. These are considered ‘commercial features’ that are priced in Oracle’s catalogue.

For more information, contact your local Oracle sales office.