Announcing Genero db 3.81 General Availability (GA)

We’re pleased to announce Generodb 3.81 is now GA and available for download in the Four Js product download area (



  • The most important focus of this release has been on performance tuning. Several minor but cumulatively significant performance enhancements are included in this release.
  • A modified version of the UNIX ODBC driver manager ( is included in this release for those applications using the ODBC driver manager on Linux. This modified version is much faster than the version bundled with most Linux distributions, specifically for application servers or other applications that support multiple concurrent database connections.

Easier Database Migration from Informix to Genero db with impexp

  • The impexp utility now supports direct importing of Informix export files in “.unl” format.
  • Impexp also supports import and export of TEXT/BYTE data types.
  • Finally, data with arbitrary date/time/timestamp input formats can be imported.

Increased Compatibility with Informix

  • Creating temporary tables and creating indexes on temporary tables are allowed inside transactions.
  • Double quoted literals are supported in Informix compatibility mode.
  • Formatting of DATETIME and INTERVAL data types follows the same protocols as Informix.

Improved Manageability

  • Checkpoints and backup operations can be flexibly scheduled to occur at specified intervals.
  • A user can be dropped, along with their schema, with a single cascading DROP USER command.
  • Improved DATE, TIME, DATETIME, TIMESTAMP, and INTERVAL formatting provides stronger control of input and output.
  • These formats are set on the server, but can be overridden on a per-session basis to allow locale specific formatting for different clients.

Enhanced Security and Privilege Control

  • Genero db now supports password policies (CREATE PASSWORD POLICY), which allow you to ensure the use of strong passwords, and ensure passwords are changed according to the policy.
  • New system-level privileges have been added, so you can more easily grant granular privileges across all schemas (e.g., CREATE ANY TABLE) without granting full system privileges.
  • The command line SQL utility, antscmd, secures passwords via a new option which prompts for a password and does not echo the characters.

New Features in Log Miner

  • A set of new Log Miner API functions have been added to support password policy DDL statements.
  • Log miner leverages the SYSTEM privilege, allowing ALM users to be tracked individually when they run applications that require SYSTEM level privileges. (This is compared to requiring these users to log in as user SYSTEM, which does not allow the individual who accessed the database to be tracked.)
  • Table preregistration allows configurable log mining applications to be developed, tracking changes (logs) for a specified set of tables.
  • A new demo log mining application, AlmReplicator, is provided, demonstrating how to use the log mining capabilities to develop a practical database replication application.


  • HTML version of user documentation is available.
  • The GUI version of Genero db installer is not available on Linux for this release.