Genero Report Writer – ALPHA Early Access Program now open

Irving, Texas – September 30, 2008 — Four Js Development Tools is pleased to announce the opening of the Genero Report Writer v1.00.00  ALPHA  Early Access Program (EAP) today September 30, 2008. See “How to subscribe” section.

Genero Report Writer

Genero Report Writer is a new graphical reporting suite integrated with Genero. It includes a Report Designer, a Report Engine, and a Report Viewer.

Genero Report Writer eases the writing and maintaining of large numbers of business reports within your organization, with no limitation on the number of pages you can print. It clearly separates the activities of gathering the data and graphically designing the report. You can change the graphical presentation of the reports independently; eventually you can allow third parties to make changes, with access restricted to graphical changes.

The report data are produced using the Genero BDL language, giving you the flexibility to merge multiple data sources in real time (databases, web services, files or computed in memory), and to secure access to the database by defining the data streams that can be pushed out. As a result, Genero Report Writer does not require the use of temporary tables or unsynchronized copies of the database for reporting purposes.

The graphical representation of your report is created using Genero Report Designer. You can write quick and simple reports by positioning elements in your report, or use the layouting feature to write a single report that adapts to multiple page formats and multiple languages without data truncation. Specific components – page headers/footers, group headers/footers, barcodes, graphs and charts*, …  –  are available for business reporting.

Genero Report Engine uses a data streaming technology to reduce memory usage to the minimum, and provides the capability to print large reports with minimal lead-time before the display of the first page**. It uses the open standards XML, SVG, and PDF for report definitions and viewing.

* Graphs and charts will be available in v1.1.
** Full data streaming is available when using the Genero Report Viewer (Not available for PDF format).

Alpha Software

Genero Report Writer is currently “Alpha” software made available through an Early Access Program (EAP). This software is provided for testing purposes and should by no means be installed on a production machine. The features shown in this product are not in their final state and will change by the time of the release; in particular, reports that are designed might not be compatible with the final version of the software.

The participants of the EAP program agree to give feedback on the software by the end of the Alpha program by answering the survey that will be provided.

How to subscribe

If you want to subscribe to the Early Access Program  you must have a Four Js web site account (“My Account”) that enables access to privileged technical information.

* Go on our website
* Log in my account
* In the back right corner of the home page you have a link named “Support Services”
* Click on the “Early Access Programs” icon
* Choose the Genero Report Writer EAP and click on “Subscribe”
* Four Js will send you an acknowledgment of your subscription in 24 hours (Monday -> Friday).
* Upon approval, you will get access to the download section and the associated mailing list.

We appreciate your interest in pre-release access to our products, and value your feedback. Thank you for your participation in this important phase of our product development.

Best Regards,

The Four Js Genero Report Writer Team