Genero Java Client 2.00.1c

New Genero Java Client Maintenance Release Now Shipping

Irving, Texas – March 12th, 2007 — Four Js announces the latest release of the Genero Java Client today, which can be downloaded immediately from the web site.

New features in this release:

The default template has been simplified and contains a set of JavaScript functions that can be used to start an application.

Problems corrected in this release:

  • 8163: Cannot navigate in TEXTEDIT with ‘up’ and ‘down’ keys in specific situations
  • 7633: GJC cannot be properly started in command line with option -H
  • 8098: GJC freezes when calling a frontCall with the wrong syntax
  • 8090: Background image improperly laid out inside the MDI container
  • 5349: Date truncates DATEEDIT fields, if defined on 10 characters
  • 4133: Startmenu settings not stored for subsequent application invocations
  • 5419: Style attribute 'startMenuSize' not taken into account (#5258)
  • 7931: The interface Class method “setImage()” doesn’t work properly
  • 7861: Calendar cannot be opened on widget DATEEDIT during an INPUT
  • 8035: GJC freezes when switching between folder pages during an INPUT
  • 8013: GJC doesn’t manage image attributes size correctly with Genero 2.0
  • 7863: Application freezes in certain cases when using ‘return’ as an accelerator for'nextfield’
  • 7864: GJC freezes when entering INPUT ARRAY twice
  • 7846: Bad selection on NOENTRY fields in first line when entering an INPUT ARRAY on a matrix
  • 4563: Displaying text on several lines doesn’t work everywhere
  • 7663: Focus sometimes set incorrectly on child application window
  • 7664: MESSAGE/ERROR mismanaged when called simultaneously
  • 7669: Cannot input characters with ‘Alt-gr’ key

Best Regards,

The Four Js Development Tools Support Team