Curtain call on another successful World Wide Developer Conference

Marriott Cancun Resort, September 25-28, 2018

WWDC 18 has closed its curtains, leaving delegates inspired about upcoming 3.20 (vNext) and vNext+ releases.

Delegates awoke to an impromptu ‘Olga-driven’ fitness session Friday morning after what can only be described as a momentous ‘Red Carpet Gala Dinner’. This distinguished feast – host to the much-anticipated awards ceremony – was a mix of music, wit, fine-dining and general grandeur befitting only Hollywood’s greatest.

The Karaoke show that followed the gala dinner- upgraded from ‘Champions’ bar to the finer acoustics of the Grand Ballroom – was the wildest ever recorded in our history, unearthing otherwise latent talent naturally fermenting in the grassroots community. Manuel de Souza’s interpretation of ‘My Way’ for instance, left many suspecting he was Sinatra reincarnated, while Scott Barney’s notably dulcet rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey is one that enters our corporate annals on a gold buzzer. It’s always the quiet ones you need to look out for.

Casting the net

Three new countries, Iceland, Malaysia and Namibia participated this year making 22 nations in total. We hope to see them next year! And over 40% new faces showed, so casting the net of goodwill even further afield.


We endeavour to strike a balance between work, play, food and beverage, with this year being no exception. There was a lot to cover and the agenda was more intense than ever. Some lamented their lack of time for swimming and pool-side cocktails and with good reason. On the heels of last year’s breakout sessions, was the inauguration of pre-conference ‘labs’, whose popularity took us somewhat by surprise. Clearly, these labs will become a permanent fixture, enabling delegates to discover features and products that they would otherwise not find time for.

Copies of the plenary and break-out session presentations can be found in the right sidebar of this page.


This year’s “Best Developer” award goes to John Toohey of Harness Racing for his forthright approach to using new features; the “Best Innovation for an ISV” award goes to Versaterm for their contribution towards our roadmap, and the “Best Innovation for an Enterprise” award goes to Bogedas Chandon (LVMH) for its leading-edge IoT integration into their precision wine-making process. Exceptionally this year, we also gave a special “Lifetime Achievement” award, which goes to Candy McCall of Online Computing for 41 years loyalty to her company, and 20 years to Genero. Here’s to the next 20 years!

Quality rather than quantity

Remember, this event is not about quantity – it is not about who deploys the most. It is about quality – about the quality of our relationship and the feedback you give us. It is about binding the needs of our community with the goals of our development team. The feedback you provide throughout these conferences, your daily support requests, forum posts and EAP contributions is the best way to assure your invitation to next year’s conference!


Our gratitude goes to Pedro Alvarez Tostado of Adobe Productions, Snorri Bergmann of Init EHF,  Rodrigo Carretero of Bogedas Chandon, Peter Murphy of Civica, and Johan Vermeij of SylviaCBS for taking the time and trouble to prepare their contributions for this conference. Many thanks too go to Marcelo Cabane HCL and Jogeswar Mallick I2GEN  for their presence and support.

And finally, SPECIAL THANKS…

Go to you – our customers. For without you taking time out of your busy lives, we would not be where we are today. Our many thanks and appreciation for all of your support.

We encourage you to complete the conference survey link that will be sent to you shortly.

See you again next year.


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